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250K page views?  When did that happen?

More to the point, HOW did that happen?

Thank you, everyone.
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Well good morning – I see the weather has taken a turn for the worse, given the way you’ve buttoned your coat up against the wind.  Sit yourself down by the heater, and I’ll get some tea sorted.

And yes, I had noticed – it seems the great coats have come out for the majority of women I’ve seen around.  There is something classic about that look, especially in this weather – and it just goes to prove, as a lady I met at a party recently said, that all fashion goes in cycles.

What it does do, of course, is bring back memories of my not so misspent youth – one of which involves a model of the time called Grace Hart.  She was what you would call a classic English Rose – blue eyes, long light brown hair, and moved with the poise and eloquence only the finest finishing schools would provide.

Now, this would have been about 1979, and at this time she lived in a nice little second floor flat in Kensington.  I thought it was especially nice she had a New York style fire escape at the back – because it meant I could use it to get into her bedroom, and start to search through her personal items for – well, her personal items of value.

I was wearing what you might call the classic cat burglar outfit – black sweater, trousers, soft sole shoes and gloves.  I never wore a mask, of course hoping that charm would somehow cloud the memory if I had to talk to someone.  Which, to be fair, usually was the case.

I had just located her jewellery box, and was considering the best way to open it, when I heard a small gasp behind me and turned round.  There was Grace, wearing a long black coat over a white roll neck sweater and a short grey skirt.  She had black leather gloves on her hands, and a pair of knee length black patent leather boots with a four inch heel.  Her outfit was completed by a large black felt hat.

“Well,” she said as she slipped her coat off, and laid it over the stool at her dressing table, her hat going on top of it, “it would appear I have an unexpected guest.  Would I be right in thinking you were about to force open that box?”

“Well, I had considered it,” I said with a smile, “but now you are here, it may be better for all concerned if you opened it.”

“So that you can steal whatever is inside?”

“So that I can steal whatever is inside – on which note, may I ask you not to raise the alarm?  I would hate it if I was forced to make sure you could not before I had to leave.”

“I get the feeling that you are going to make sure of that before you leave anyway,” she said as she walked over, her black gloves still on her hands and over the cuffs of her jumper.  “If that is the case, then you must make sure now.”

“Well, if you insist.  I regret to say I have no rope with me, so I must ask if you have any, or is there another preference?”

“Oh, a man who asks those he robs what they prefer to be secured with?”  Walking to a set of drawers, she produced several pairs of stockings and placed them on the bed, before looking at me and saying “So, why don’t you begin?”

Well, how could a gentleman refuse such an offer?  I picked up one stocking, and started by crossing and securing her wrists together behind her back.  The thing about stockings is they stretch, and can be too tight if you are not careful, but the fact she had gloves on helped protect her skin, and once tied, they are next to impossible to untie.

Once her wrists were secured, I used another one to secure her ankles, the leather and silk rubbing against each other.  From there, I tied two together and used them to secure her arms to her side below her chest, and again above, using another two to cinch them under her arms and next to her body.

“Snug,” Grace said as she tried to move around, and then looked at me.  “What about my legs?”

“Not stockings,” I said as I walked to her wardrobe, and took out a long red silk scarf.  “This will be less damaging.”

“You really do care, don’t you,” she said as I secured her legs together, and then rolled a large blue head square into a band and tied a knot in the middle.  “Before I keep you quiet,” I said with a smile, “the box?”

“Press on the front on both sides.”

I did this, the lid lifting up, before I made sure she was quiet and comfortable, and then helped myself.  Before going, I gave her a little kiss on her forehead, and then departed, leaving her to either free herself or raise the alarm...

As I have said before, there have been occasions when more than one person has found me at work in a visit.  Talking of the seventies, and hats, reminds me of one visit in Brighton just before Christmas, a few months after I visited Grace.

I had come, I will freely admit, with the express purpose of breaking into a number of the then exclusive apartments that surround the Grand Pavilion – and the one I was in when this happened obviously was shared by two women.  I know this because I managed to find quite a few choice items in both of the bedrooms, and was just finishing my search of the main room when the door opened and said two women came in.

Both were wearing coats, hats and white gloves, and were carrying things which were obviously, from their wrapping, Christmas presents.  On the left was a woman wearing a tan coloured hat with the brim up on one side, and a matching short raincoat with fur trim on the collar and bottom.  Under that was a lilac jersey, which I presumed was a mini skirt or had one under it, given between the fur trim and the top of her white boots were bare leg.

The other girl had on a cream hat and raincoat, over what was definitely a peach coloured mini dress, as well as a pair of black leather boots.  Both women had long brown hair, and both were staring at me as I said “Hello – as you can see, I am robbing you, so kindly put your parcels down, and remove your coats and hats.  I would ask you to keep your gloves on, however.”

I was relieved when they looked at each other, and then did as I asked.  I then directed them to take a seat on the floor of the room, back to back, explaining I would need to ensure I had time to get away, but that they would come to no harm.  I noticed as they did so the first girl was actually wearing a matching lilac leather mini skirt with her jumper – very different for that time.

One of them asked me what I was going to do, so I replied by handing them each a length of cord – I told you I had come prepared – and making them bind their own ankles together, instructing them on how to do it correctly and to cinch the binding.  A second length was then used by them to secure their legs together, below their knees, before I made them link arms, and put their hands together in front of their bodies in prayer.

Which is how I secured their wrists together, making sure it was neat and tight before I tied them down to their leg ropes.  I then made sure they were quiet using a wide roll of sticking plaster I had with me, a strip over their mouths keeping them sufficiently silent to allow my escape.

I have, on several occasions, had the privilege to travel abroad for various reasons, most recently to America, but I have also been to Germany and other countries.  One of the earliest trips I made was to a region in Bavaria, where of course they have a very particular style of dress.  

And it was in this area that I decided, when I had a few spare moments, to try my hand at a little visit to a house.  It was a detached villa, and by the look of the Mercedes I had seen outside when I had passed a few times, the occupants may have a few things I could make use of in another capacity.

This was one of the few occasions I did wear a balaclava, purely to make sure I would be able to get out of the country, so when I walked up to the house I pulled down the rim of the woollen cap to cover my face, leaving only my eyes and mouth visible as I picked the lock to the rear door and let myself in.

The house itself was very fashionable – for the seventies – and neat, so I had no problem finding the master bedroom, the safe, and the contents of said safe making their way into a bag I had brought for this purpose.  So far so good – and then I walk down the stairs, and find the lady of the house sitting at the breakfast bar, reading a newspaper.

There is a style of dress sometimes associated with this part of Germany – formal, clean lined, neat – and this woman certainly had that sense of style about her.  She was wearing a grey wool jacket and skirt, the jacket double breasted with two vertical rows of silver buttons, and a pair of straight black leather boots.  Under her jacket was a white roll neck sweater, with a brown scarf folded into a thin band and tied round the neck, the ends to one side.  Finally, her blonde hair was settled under a black Alpine hat, and she was turning the pages of the paper with her hands in a pair of black gloves.

Well, it was impossible to get out without passing her, but as I said I was masked, and I have a few words of German tucked way up in the head, so I decided to take a more direct approach than usual and walked behind her, placing my hand over her mouth and telling her to be quiet.

Well, I did hear muffled protests, but she eventually calmed down as I moved her hands behind her back, and tied her wrists together with one of several lengths of cord I had brought for just such a purpose.  She said nothing, maintaining a pose of slightly superior manner as I pulled the ropes tighter, and then untied the scarf from round her neck, shaking it out and folding it into a square pad before I held it in front of her mouth.

Well, that provoked a response, as she shook her head and clamped her mouth shut.  I always deplore violence, but on this occasion I resorted to holding her nose closed between two fingers, until she opened her mouth to breathe and I put the folded scarf in there.

I had already seen a white napkin by her on the breakfast bar, so I warned her not to spit her scarf out while I rolled that up, and used it as a cleave gag, her red lips closing over the white cotton as it kept her own scarf in her mouth.

I then took her arm and walked her over to a leather and chrome recliner, helping her to sit down as she watched me cross and bind her ankles, the cord and leather squeaking as it tightened round her legs, and then secured her legs below her knees.

And with that, I formally bowed while she struggled, and made my escape, taking her jewels with me, and catching a later flight out of the country with them rolled up in my dirty laundry.  It was so much easier in those days...

All this talk of hats and outfits has also reminded me of a later episode – this would have been in the mid to late eighties, and I was in Nottingham on business, looking into options on a lace purchase.

As I had a spare day, I took myself to the suburb of Mapperley – lovely little place, more like a country town than the suburb of a fairly large city.  It was late autumn, and the few people that were walking round were wrapped up well against the cold.

I wasn’t there to people watch, however – not on that occasion.  I walked a little way from the main shopping street and found a detached house – one that had forgotten to close a kitchen window at the rear, which is how I got in, wearing my tweed jacket, black jumper, grey trousers, shoes and gloves.

Well, it was certainly more Habitat than Shabitat in the furnishings, but I made my way through the house, checking the rooms and finding not just some jewels, but at fine collection of coins that I knew a certain buyer would be very interested in.

It was while I was storing them away that I heard a deep female voice say “and what do you think you are doing?”

Turning round, I saw a tall blonde haired woman, wearing a tan greatcoat and hat, as well as a pair of white woollen gloves.  She had a patterned scarf tied round her neck, the ends tucked into the front of the coat, and I could see the collar of a black jumper underneath.  The coat was belted round her waist, and she had a checked Burberry style skirt on, as well as knee length baggy black leather boots with a two inch block heel.

“Robbing you,” I said with a smile, “I hope this is not too off putting for you.”

“Robbing me?”  She unbelted her coat and took it off, as she looked at me before laughing.  “What did I do, leave the kitchen window open?”

“Actually – yes.”

“Good – I’ve always wondered what it would be like if someone robbed me.  I’m not going to stop you,” she said quietly, £provided you make sure I really cannot raise the alarm.”

Well, not the first time that had happened to me, so I said “To do so, I need to use rope.  Do you have any in the house?”

“Wait there,” she said as she removed her gloves, and then walked into the hallway, returning with several lengths of tent rope and a pair of scissors.

“Very well, make yourself comfortable,” I said as she sat in a large armchair, and then turned, putting her arms behind her back and crossing her wrists.

I soon had them snugly secured, and then used a long length of rope to bind her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest as her black jumper was stretched over this.

“If I may ask,” I said as I pulled the bands together behind her back, and then took the rope under one arm, “why?”

“Why do I want this?  A mild sense of curiosity,” she said as I pulled the ripe up, passed it around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, “and also because my husband has never believed such a thing would happen.  It is he who insists on leaving the window open – so forgive me if this sounds cavalier, but serves him right.”

Sometimes, the woman angered is a force you do not wish to cross, but as I tied the ropes off and she wriggled round, she smiled and said “I am not angry at you – you have a job to do, and you seem to be very good at it.”

“I take that as a compliment,” I said as I knelt in front of her, and crossed her ankles, the white rope rubbing on the leather as I took it around and between her ankles, the leather compressed on her legs as they were secured.

“If you will forgive me for a moment,” I said as I folded her skirt back, and tied her legs together below her knees, before I folded her skirt back down again.  She tried to move, before saying “I could always hop round you know.”

“Not once I have done this,” I said as very carefully I lifted her legs up, the young lady moving as I put them on the seat, and then tied her ankles to her chest ropes with a final length of rope.

“Very nice – now I must be silenced, correct?”

“Correct,” I said as I untied her scarf, and held it in front of her mouth.  She nodded and opened wide, waiting as I pushed the scarf in enough to fill her mouth, but not tickle the back of her throat, and then closed her lips over it.   I left for a moment, returning with a roll of duct tape, and tore several strips off, smoothing them over her lips so that she was very effectively silenced.

“I hope your husband is more careful in future,” I said as I collected my bag, the woman nodding as I left her for what I hoped would be a relaxing afternoon.

There was a recent sequel to that visit, by the way.  I was back in Mapperley a few weeks ago, following up a request to give a security consultation to someone, and you can imagine my surprise when I realised I was going to the same house.

For a few minutes, I wondered if I was going to meet the same woman, but as it turned out it was her daughter.  She was in her late  twenties, with long brown hair, and when she answered the door she was wearing  a blue wrap dress, with long sleeves, and a pair of over the knee black suede boots.

We sat in the same front room, with her in the same armchair, as she explained her mother had moved abroad, and she had bought the house.  Her mother had drummed the need for home security into her, and she wanted advice on what she could do.

Well, in itself that was easy enough, as I pointed out where I would place alarm sensors and cameras.  As we were drinking coffee, however, I noticed she was looking at me closely, and I asked why.

“Well,” she said, “because if you were younger, you would exactly like the man who tied and gagged Mother before Father finally got the security upgraded all those years ago.”

Raising an eyebrow, I said “If I was, then I would hope it was a lesson he learnt well.”

“Well, I came nine months later, so I suppose it was,” she said with a smile, “but if you were, then you might be able to do an additional favour for me.”

“And that would be?”

“To tie me up and gag me like her – she used to talk to me about it, but I always wondered what it was like.”

“Well,” I said quietly, “I may be able to recreate it, if you gave permission, and had the material to hand as well as telling me how he did it.”

Which is why, thirty minutes later, she was looking at me over the silver band that covered her mouth, and she wriggled round in the ropes that held her arms fast to her body, her legs next to each other, and her ankles to the ropes around her chest.  There was a folded scarf behind the silver tape gag, and she nodded before saying “Ntbbddtlll.”

“How long do you wish to be left this way?”

“Frrtymnnss,” she said as I sat down, sipping the coffee I had made for myself.  It’s not often I stick around to untie someone I have bound, but that was the deal...

Ah – a damp shopper.  If you will excuse me?
The Cat And The Hat
John Jacobs reminisces once more...
“Well, you have to admit it Zara – you know how to throw one hell of a birthday party!”

Zara grinned as her work colleague made his way over to the drinks table.  It was her twenty fifth birthday, and with the help of her two housemates she had been able to have the party she really wanted to have, right there on their own home.  The theme had been announced as leather and denim – and all the guests had lived up to that invite.

The dark haired birthday girl was wearing a green silk strapless top, denim jeans and knee length matt black leather boots with a stiletto heel.  But what she was wearing wasn’t the really important thing now – what was important was that everybody else was having fun!

Looking around the room, she could see her two housemates.  The fair haired Mandy was dancing with two of the boys, wearing a white short sleeved top over a black boob tube, the requisite jeans and tight black leather boots that had a row of buttons up the outside, while brown haired Tammy was also wearing jeans and knee length black leather boots, her pair a darker sheen with block heels, and a dark grey sleeveless top.  She was talking with some of her work colleagues, while the music was playing in the background.

All in all, it was proving to be a memorable party, even if she didn’t recognise everyone that was there.  They had agreed to invite people from all their social circles, however, so in itself that was no great surprise.

“Hey – want to dance?”

“Sure,” Zara said as Ken from the office took her hand, and they got up, moving to the music as the party went on around them...

It was close to midnight when Zara saw Mandy heading up the stairs, looking as fresh as she had several hours earlier, and then started to say goodbye to some of the partygoers as they went on their way.


“Hey yourself,” she said to Tammy a short while later, “have you seen Mandy?”

“Nope – I saw her go up the stairs, but that’s all.  Why?”

“Not sure – just thought she’d have come back down.  Maybe she’s bumped into someone,” she said as she went into the kitchen, clearing some things away as she heard Tammy showing out some of the last guests.

As she put the last of the empty bottles into a bag, she heard the front door open and close one more time, and then footsteps before she thought she heard Tammy gasp.

“Hey – you all right in there,” she said as she came in, only to see Tammy asleep on a chair.  As she walked over to wake her, however, Zara was grabbed from behind, and she felt suddenly drowsy, as her eyes started to close...

Zara slowly opened her eyes, and sat herself up, putting her arms round her body as she stated to shiver.  The room was quiet, dark, and quite empty apart from her.  

“What happened,” she said quietly to herself as she stood up, and checked the room.  Everything looked as if it was in place, and yet the room felt so cold, as if someone had left the freezer door open.

“Hey – anyone here,” she called out, but there was a deathly silence as she made her way back into the kitchen.  Again, there was nobody there, but the door was locked, and everything seemed to be in place – until she tried to turn the light on, and there was no power.

“Fuse – I’ll fix it when it’s light,” she said to herself as she went into the front room again, and headed to the staircase.  As she approached it, however, she saw a soft pulsing light coming from the door that led to the cellar.

“Hey – is anyone down there,” she said as she opened the door and walked down, seeing the soft green light from what appeared to be a bulb in the ceiling.  As she reached the bottom, she picked up a green crystal, looking at it before she dropped it on the floor, stunned by the sight of a crystal statue sitting in a chair.

It looked like Tammy – at least it seemed to be wearing clothes that looked like Tammy, but the statue was made of a dark green crystal, which reflected the light that was coming down from the ceiling.  She was sat in a wooden rocking chair, her arms resting on the wooden arms, her feet together on the crosspiece, and her green crystal face showed a look of complete surprise.

“They even got her hairstyle right,” Zara said quietly as she put her hand on the head of the statue, and stroked it down.  The last thing she expected was for the eyes of the statue to open, and for her to see the same clear blue eyes of Tammy staring back at her.

“What the hell...”

“Hlpmmmsrrr,” she heard a female voice mumble as the statue slowly started to rock to and fro, Zara packing away and running up the stairs as she slammed the door shut behind her.

“It had to be a trick of the light,” she said to herself as she walked up the stairs.  Perhaps Mandy was in her bed, and would be awake enough to talk.  Zara hugged herself, not seeing the mist that was starting to form at the bottom of the stairs, as she reached the top and walked to her friend’s room.

“Hey Mandy,” she said as she opened the door, “You got a minute?”

The room was lit by a single candle in a stand – something she had never seen before in Mandy’s room, but that wasn’t what caught her eye.  What did was the life-size red statue that was lying on Mandy’s bed, the crystal arms crossed.  She barely noticed the red crystal next to it.

Zara walked over, looking at the attention to detail in the clothing, the way her hair just sat on her shoulders, and the shape of the lips as she saw the slight mist going in and out...

She stared, the horror growing as she saw the crystal seem to form over the lips, but not before she heard the faint sound of Mandy saying “help me...” before the crystal covered them over.

“Oh my god,” she croaked as she stepped back and went out of the room.  As she glanced to her side, she saw what she thought at first was two of the party guests, but they were a blue crystal statue, their lips locked permanently together, a blue crystal in the boy’s hand.

“What the hell is going on here,” she said as she ran to her room, and picked up the telephone handset, wanting to dial.

That was when she noticed the clear crystal that was attached to the handset, and she slowly put the handset down – staring at the crystals that had started to form on the palm of her hand.

“What the hell is going on,” she said as she watched the crystal spreading, covering her hand as she reached over and dried to brush the clear coating away.  To her horror, she could now see the crystal growing over her other hand as well, and spreading up her arm.

“What’s happening to me,” she called out, screaming as she felt the heaviness increasing in her limbs, and she sat down on the bed, resting her hands on her legs before she suddenly realised what she was doing, and raised them again.

It was too late, however, as she saw her blue jeans slowly start to cover with the crystal, at the same time as a great lethargy started to overtake her.  “No...No I’ve got to run,” she said as she stood up, the crystal expanding more rapidly as she fell to the floor, and then onto her back.

It was like a hard sheath covering her body, as she stared, struck mute as her arms froze, and the crystal seemed to flow up her chest, and then covered her chest.  IT then to spread over her chin, her eyes wide open as she began to see two figures appear as if out of thin air.

“How long?”

“Soon – let the crystal cover her and the metamorphosis begin,” the other voice said, “and the she will be one of us.”

“Please, don’t do this to mmmmm,” Zara said as the crystal covered her mouth and she closed her eyes, praying that whatever was going to happen, it would be quick and painless.

She felt the crystal covering her hair and eyes, the sheath hardening as she seemed to descend into a warm pool of darkness...


Zara opened her eyes, feeling as if she could not move an inch.  She wondered what had happened for a few moments, wondering why it was so dark, and why it felt as if she was held by some sort of sheath.

“HMMGGDDNNNNNNN”  The memory of what had happened came fresh to her mind as she wriggled round, but to her surprise she did not feel or here a hard substance scratching – instead, she felt that she could not move her arms, but had no idea why.

“Hey – we got another one in here.”

“Whhstthrr,” she called out, only to yelp as her eyes were uncovered, and she saw a police officer standing over her.  She tried to move, to speak, but something was preventing her.

What that something was became clear as she was lifted to her feet, and she saw herself in the long mirror of her wardrobe.  She was covered in white tape, covering her from her feet to just below her nose, making her like a mummy.  Glancing to the left, she saw another officer holding a strip of white tape, and she could see the hair from her eyebrows on the sticky surface.


“We got robbed,” Tammy said as she and Mandy appeared.  “I was forced into the cellar and taped to an old rocking chair with green tape.  I saw you stumble in, and then out...”

“Me too,” Mandy said, “except I was taped up like you on my bed.  You looked as if you were dreaming or something, then you stumbled out, and I heard them catch you.”


“A young couple – they must have slipped in as party guests.  Let them cut you free, and then I can make some coffee.  They used some sort of drug to knock us out – I guess you got less of it than us.”

Zara nodded as she saw the medical team come in, and felt the safety scissors as they started to cut the tape away...
Crystal Nights
'tis the season for tales with a slightly more - supernatural bent.  I have three potential ideas lined up - here's the first...

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Sheryl, 57

When Sheryl had brought this house, some ten years ago, she had chosen it with great care and for a very good reason.  It wasn’t just because, as a writer, she needed somewhere that would allow her to have a large home office.  Nor was it just the fact that the house came with such a large rear garden, with a high fence.

The real reason was more to do with her own tastes – and the clincher of the deal had been the tinted windows front and back, which allowed her to look out and nobody to look in.  That privacy was exactly what she needed to indulge one of her own personal fantasies.

Ever since she had been a teenager, Sheryl had been into self bondage, starting at first with belts and scarves, then moving on to ropes, but at this stage in her life she preferred the feel of chains.  But this house, with the front looking onto the main street and the bus stop...

Every morning and evening, she would take from the freezer a frozen ice cube, within which was a set of keys.  By the front patio windows of the main room, she would put a kitchen chair, and attach the keys to the side of the chair with a small chain.  She would then tie a crotch rope rightly round her naked body, and once it was in place put in a vibrator set to the maximum setting.

She had just enough time usually to sit down and chain herself to the chair, having first taped her mouth over, and cuff her hands behind her back, before she started to feel that arousal.  Out in the street, people were going to and from work, waiting for buses, getting into cars, talking – and just a few feet away, Sheryl was screaming in ecstasy, unable to stop what was happening and loving every delicious second...

She hadn’t done that today of course – not when the other ladies were coming round for the pool party.  She had spent part of the morning getting the food and drinks ready in the kitchen, before she had taken out their fantasies and looked over them.

Looking round, she left the papers on a table, and removed her rope, deciding she had time for a little self-indulgence before she got ready.  Picking up the chain, she fastened it round her waist, and then felt the metal on her sex as she pulled the chain between her legs, and padlocked it into place.

Sitting down, she took a set of ankle cuffs and secured them around her own slim legs, before setting a timer.

“I can indulge myself for an hour,” she said to herself before she picked up the folded scarf – the blue and white one she loved so much – and pushed it into her mouth, before taking the wide strip of white tape and pressing it firmly down over her lips and jaw.

Taking the cuffs, she left the keys on the table, next to the timer, and secured her wrists behind her back, and then settled on her side, her head on the armrest as she smiled under the tape.  A little rest, and she would be ready for the party...

It was the slight cough that woke her, Sheryl blinking as she looked at the timer.  There were still five minutes to go, so what had...

She looked up, her eyes going wide as she saw the tall man standing there with the keys in his gloved hand.  “Hello Sheryl,” he said quietly as he looked at her, “I see you’ve had a good rest.  Thank you for allowing me to call on you – I was especially intrigued by the stories I read on the table.”

“Hmggddhrruu,” Sheryl said, the chains rattling as she felt them rub on her sex.

“A lovely house as well – so discrete,” he said as he looked round, and then helped her to stand up.  “Let us repair to your kitchen – I think you will like what I have planned.”

Cheryl wondered what was going to happen as she walked, the chains rubbing on her clit as she felt the sweat under her white hair.  She could see a kitchen chair set in front of the patio doors that led out to the garden – a chair he made her sit down on, before he uncuffed her hands and took her arms around the chair back, re-securing them with the chain of the cuffs taken around the chair back.

“Whtrrugnndtddtm,” she mumbled as she felt the damp silk on her tongue.

“Ah – I am going to show you something wonderful,” the man said as he showed her a large bag.  Opening it, he took out four chains, before unlocking her ankle cuffs and spreading her legs apart.  Using the small chains to secure her ankles and legs to the front legs of the chair, she looked down at her clit, the chain rubbing on it.

He then walked behind her, and she felt his gloved hands on her chest – and so had begun his arousal of her, his hands making her chest firm as her nipples hardened, and then his lips and tongue continuing that job.  She’d tried to twist out of the way, but then the chain had rubbed on her, and the effect that had on her was just as effective, as she started to moan, feeling the dampness on the cold metal.

She had soon begun to sink into her arousal, when she felt his lips and tongue on her chest, sucking and licking gently, and then he had knelt between her legs, his lips travelling down...

As he moved the chin to one side, and she felt his lips and tongue, she moaned and allowed him to enter her – and the new feelings, the intensity she had never felt before, the burning fire that engulfed her, as she shook in the chair, unable to contain herself before she screamed at the peak of the greatest orgasm of her life.

And all through it he kept kissing, licking, probing, until she slumped in her seat, panting though her nose as he looked at her.

“Thank you,” he said as she heard her own vibrator on full power, and then felt it inside her, the chain keeping it in as he slipped out of the door, and closed it behind himself.

She had sat there, unable to do more than moan as Susan had arrived, and been taken by him, watching as he took her to the far end of the garden and did to her what he had done to her.  One by one they had arrived, and she had watched him with each one of them, having her own orgasms as he left them to their own pleasures.

And with each new arrival, the buzzing had grown louder, and her own orgasms had come again and again and again, as she ached more and more...

She could see him walking Mabel over, and then the doors had opened, Mabel staring at her and saying ““Hmggddd – shrrrl?” as the others tried to look.

“Well, this has been a most fulfilling afternoon,” he said as he made Mabel sit on Sheryl’s lap, the two older women looking at each other as he walked round, and pulled Mabel’s legs to the rear of the chair, securing her ankles to the rear legs.


Sheryl nodded as she felt rope pulling Mabel closer to her around their bodies, their chests pressed against each other as the man secured them together.  He then reached between both of them, Mabel groaning as she felt the vibrator under her own crotch rope start full force.

Sheryl slowly turned her head and looked as the man went to her freezer, and took out a large ice cube, her eyes widening as she saw the keys frozen inside.  

“There,” he said as he attached the chain from the cube to the back of the chair, “that will melt eventually, and your time like this will be at an end.  Until then, I am sure you will all find something to distract each other.”


“Because you all deserve it,” he said with a smile, “but I strongly suggest you all show some discretion when discussing today.”

Mabel and Sheryl looked at each other and nodded, Sheryl moaning and closing her eyes as she felt another orgasm coming, and then the pressure on her lips.  She opened her eyes to see Mabel kissing her, the drool running down her own taped mouth as she returned the kiss.

One thought was clear to Sheryl in all this, however – their meetings were going to be very different from now on...
Not A Robber visits the WI - 8
So while all this is going on, where is Sheryl, chair of this branch of the WI and the owner of the house?  Where do you think...
6 pm
The Lodges

“Well, can I get away with this Mom?”

“I guess you can,” Jan said as she looked at Katy, in her v-necked sweater, jeans and knee length patent boots, “given what I’m wearing.”

“True,” Katy said as she looked at her mother’s satin blouse and pants, “right, to the make-up...”

As she made her way back to the dorm, she stood and looked at Holly as she slipped on her white ankle boots.

"Oh whoa Holly!" Katy exclaimed at the skin-tight leather trousers the blonde had somehow eased herself into. "Those are simply incredible."

"Tommy hates them,” Holly said as she stood up, “because every other man in a room looks at me when I wear them."

"I can see why." Katy shook her head. "As lenient as Mom can be in allowing me to chose what I wear, I think she'd draw the line at those."

"She probably would," Holly agreed, "but maybe next winter?"

"We can but hope," Katy giggled.

"Well I thought I was daring," Letty said as she came in, wearing a halter topped jump suit with a plunging neckline, "but compared to you Hol I look pretty tame."

"At least you have the height Letty to wear something like that, on me with my lack of inches it would look ridiculous."

"And so the eternal fashion debate goes on." Abby giggled from where she was sitting doing her makeup, "is it better to be tall and leggy, or cute and nubile?"

"Okay who kidnapped the real Sands?" Katy gasped as her friend entered the powder room in a tight midnight blue mini-dress.

"Oh no, I knew I'd look ridiculous!"

"Err No! That is not the word I'd use." Katy guided the younger girl in front of a mirror. "I think beautiful is far more appropriate."

"I guess I do look kinda okay." Sandy tilted her head to one side.

"More then just kinda," Holly hugged her, "now you must let me do your makeup for you."

"So what do respectable women our age wear for a night out in Stowe?" Denice asked Barbara as they sat in their room.

"Anything they like."

"Meaning just what Barb?"

"Just what I said,” Barbara aid as she looked round, “anything you like. The only rule should be that you like yourself in it."

"So what are you wearing?"

"I have a forest green cocktail dress, that comes to just above my knee, shows a little cleavage, but which isn't too tight that I can't dance in it if I get the chance."

"Sounds ideal."

"Now if I was you Denice I'd wear those tight black jeans of yours, and borrow this from me." Barbara held up a gold sequined boob tube. "This was in the Fashion Kollektiv collection, they gave it to Jeans, who passed it on to me, and now I think it would look best on you."

"That is lovely...but," Denice sighed, "isn't it a bit young and daring for me?"

"You won't know till you try it on.  Besides, why should the youngsters have all the fun?"

“You make a good point,” Denice said as she pulled the top on and looked at herself.  “Not bad at all for a single mom.”

“Neither of us are – even if one of us has a supermodel for a daughter, and the other a genius,” Barbara said with a smile.  “Right – let’s go join the others.  If I remember correctly, the cocktails in this place are to die for...”

“You girls got a few minutes,” Juliette said as she and Diana came into Sandy and Heather’s room.

“Sure – we want to talk to you anyway,” Sandy said, “along with the other girls about the job.  We think it can be done, but we need to go back to basics and keep it to the seven of us – keep it simple and quick.”

“I agree,” Juliette said, “so tomorrow, all seven of us are going to ski together, apart from the others.  One of your cross country trails Heather.”

“I know a little place we can talk quietly,” Heather said, “so let’s table it until then.”

"Okay even I know that is a Mary Quant original Ama." Pepsi looked at the scarlet and dove grey hooped mini-dress Ama wore. "Was that another of your finds at the markets?"

"No this one Mom bought me, and it is kind of my favorite because of that."

"Well it is divine."

"I think you have to be as thin as me to wear it."

"Oh dear yes on most of us those hoops would make us look 10 pounds heavier."

“Well, I like your outfit,” Ama said as Pepsi stood up, smoothing down the skirt of her leather pinafore dress over a white jumper.

“Before I forget,” Ama said in a low whisper, “are you ready for Wednesday?”

“Oh yes – well...”

“Did someone mention Wednesday?”

“Indeed – shall we join the others,” Pepsi said as she looked at Doc.

“Oh come on,” Anna said with a note of desperation, “someone has to tell me something!”

“Not a chance,” Pepsi said as she clapped her hand on her friend’s back, “you’ll just have to find out on the day, like the rest of us...”

“Have I mentioned how much I hate you,” Doc said with a grin as Poppy came in, wearing a white blouse over a grey sweater, leggings and suede boots.

“Nice look Bones – what’s your mum wearing?”

“Something similar – so where are we going after the meal?”

“I’m told the club at the Base Lodge is fun, but we’ll follow the number one party goers lead.”

“Oh – you mean...”

“All right, Ladies,” Nell said as she and Ally came in, wearing silk dresses, “the New York Sluts are back for the season, and ready to PAR-TAY!”

“I am impressed,” Sarah said as she sat with Grace, “this is certainly several steps up from Grenoble.  It even puts some of the training camps I used to go to into the shade.”

“Harriet called me by the way,” Grace said, “she’s arrived safely and looking forward to Christmas with her brother.”

“I saw you by the way,” Grace said with a smile, “looking at Denice’s ski instructor.  Jean-Claude, wasn’t it?”

“Ah – you noticed,” Sarah said with a smile.  “Well, he is cute in a tall, tanned and snowswept way...”

“Oh come on – you want him to buy you a drink, don’t you?”

“Just a drink?”  Sarah giggled as she said “I may just go to the nightclub with Heather and the girls while you older and more steady people look after the babies...”

7 pm
Harrison’s Restaurant and Bar

The patrons turned and watched as the party came in through the doors, wearing furs and looking round, the younger kids in padded jackets and a few toddlers in arms.

“Miss Huntingdown, welcome,” the owner said as he came over, “we have the private room ready for you upstairs, and a fire burning.”

“I’ll have a Sunset Martini if you’re ordering drinks,” Sandy said as she made her way across the floor to the restroom, nodding to the two older women as she went in.

Finding an empty booth, she sat in silence before the stalls next to her were flushed, and she heard the two older women coming out.

“Was that Juliette Huntingdown and the Sinners coming in?”

"It was indeed.”

“I see they have some new members.”

“I noticed that too.  How does a group that is so selective, also manage to be so, well the word that comes to mind is democratic, in who it lets in?"

Sandy suppressed a giggle as she sat in her stall whilst the two matrons outside washed their hands.

"Well I know Diana de Grechy,” the other one said, “we are on a couple of charity boards together, but she has never once invited me to one of their functions."

"I know, I know darling, it's so frustrating, I made a special point of telling my daughter to get to know some of their younger girls, but though they are friendly, they haven't taken her in."

"You know I'm not really a snob darling, but it's so terribly frustrating knowing that there is a social grouping that is beyond even the reach of someone like me..."

Sandy waited until they had left before she slipped out, and looked in the mirror.

“Diana?  Don’t they know my own mom’s a member as well – and they sit on the Ball organizing committee with her...”

Washing her own hands, she made her way up the stairs to the private room, noticing the younger girls had congregated round the fire while the others were by the bar.

“There you go,” Juliette said as she handed her friend a cocktail.

"I just had the most entertaining visit to the privy," Sandy barely suppressed her laughter.

"Oh why?" Juliette raised an eyebrow.

"Oh listening to two very typical Upper East Side bleached blonde trophy wives going on about how frustrating it is that we have never invited them to become Sinners."

"Oh that old complaint?" Ju smiled.  “Well, it’s their loss.”

“True – so what are people having...”

“We’ll be okay with the burgers, Mom,” George said as he looked at Katy and Sands, both of them nodding, “but can we get some cheese fries as a starter?”

“No problem – we can sort out some chicken strips and food for April and Judith as well.”

“Well, let’s get a portion or two of each of the starters and just stick them in the middle, let everyone get what they want,” Sandy said.  

“Sounds good,” Denice said as she looked at Mercy, the other mother nodding in agreement.

“So, main courses?”

“Well,” Diana said, “I for one will be having the Lobster risotto.  Abby?”

“The grilled salmon sounds divine,” Abby said as she looked at her cell phone, and deleted the message.  “Anyone else looking at the fish?”

Barbara and Jeannie looked at each other, and said in tandem “Fish and Chips.”

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me,” Doc said as she shook her head.

As they went round the table, Adam looked up and said “am I the only one considering the sirloin?”

“No, I’ll join you in that,” Clint said as he looked up.

“You’re welcome to it,” Susan said quietly, “Apple cider chicken for me.”

“Steak tips for us,” Marina said as Kylie nodded in agreement.

“I have to confess, I am really hungry darlings,” Kylie said with a smile.

“We all are,” Helen said as the waiter came over, and they started to give their orders.

“So how does this compare to a ski trip at the old school, Miss,” Jeannie said as she looked at Sarah.

“We’re off the clock here Jeannie – if you girls can call Annie Annie, then it’s Sarah.  But, to answer your question – it’s less stressful, much more fun, and I can relax rather than wondering what’s going to happen next to give me heartburn.”

“So just how bad could a school trip to Grenoble be?”

Sarah and Grace looked at each other, before Grace said “go on – tell them about it.”

“About what?”

“Not the 2011 school trip?  That is the stuff of legends,” Jeannie said with a smile.

“Now that sounds like a story worth telling,” Carina said as she sat next to Annie.

“Well, you were at the sharp end,” Grace said as she looked at Sarah, “you begin.”

“Okay,” Sarah said as she took a deep breath.  “Well, every year I and some of the other teachers would organise a ski trip to a resort in Grenoble.  This particular year was almost exclusively years 10 and 11.”

“Freshmen and Sophomores – same as us,” Jeannie translated.

“Now, to truly appreciate what happened, we start at the beginning.  We would take them by coach – Harlow to Dover, ferry to Calais, and then down the roads to Grenoble.  It should take about twelve hours, including the ferry crossing.  So, we prepare to set off this morning, and – well, we knew it was going to be one of THOSE trips when we got caught in a traffic jam on the M25.”

“That’s the motorway round London, isn’t it?”

“Yup,” Grace said, “the Chris Rea song Road to Hell?  A hate song to driving on that road.”

“Then, when we finally get to the road to Dover, Operation Stack has kicked in, because of a problem in the Channel Tunnel, so we get diverted to Portsmouth – two hours along the coast.  The net result is, we finally arrive in France six hours late, with a bus full of cranky youngsters.  The drivers cannot continue, but the ferry company at least find a hotel we can stay in before pressing on.”

“Well, at least you got some rest.”

“You would think so,” Sarah said as she shook her head, “but remember – bus full of tetchy and tired kids.  It took until about two in the morning to get them into their rooms, and be sure they were asleep – and we had to be up at five to make sure we were on the road in time.”

“Sounds painful,” Annie said as she handed Judith a piece of chicken.

“So, seven, very tired, only had a light breakfast, and we’re on the eight or nine hour drive to Grenoble, the trip only punctuated by sign alongs and the occasional bout of projectile vomiting.  Eventually, we arrive at the hostel, get everyone off the bus, get them in their rooms, and let them loose for a couple of hours before dinner.”

“So, to recap,” Grace said, “delays on ferry over, bad night in temporary accommodation, long and weary bus drive, and a group of cranky 14 and 15 year olds.  Can you guess what happens next?”

“That depends,” Diana said quietly, “on how close they are to a vendeur de vin...”

“And you win the star prize,” Sarah said as she smiled.  “Some of the more adventurous and older looking pupils slipped out and purchased various bottles of alcohol, slipping them into the hostel and under cover while we had the evening meal, and our trip leader read the riot act on behaviour and decorum.

“So, they went off to their dorms, and we, the teachers, looked at each other.  We actually ran a book on how long it would take for the first incident to happen.”

“Did you win?”

“Nah – I was optimistic.  The book started at nine, and I thought it would be midnight.  As it was, the first incident was after forty minutes – a group of boys managed to block one of the toilets with a sleeping bag.”

The women looked at each other as the girls burst out laughing.  “Very old school,” Jo eventually said, “but at least they got to ski the next day.”

“Well, yes,” Sarah said, “and the forecast had been for glorious sunshine for the week we were there.  So imagine the scene when we got to the slopes, and it was raining – a true Scotch mist...”

“So is that why you called it The Mist?”

“Oh no – we’ll get to that eventually.  What it meant was we were wet, and the snow was slushy, but at least we managed to get some of the lessons in on that day.  As a result, a bunch of tired kids, and the teachers – including me- got to have their first relaxing evening in three days.

“Which lasted until 2.30 in the morning, when someone set off the fire alarm, and we all had to troop outside.  I think that was when I said before we went back in that if they should discover who set the alarm off, they should make them know how much they appreciated standing in the cold and dark.”

“Did they discover who?”

“Let’s just say two of the boys were walking with a limp for a couple of days after that.  Anyway, the second day, it was cold, but at least it was dry, so another quiet day.

“And then the Mist descended.  From the Wednesday to the Saturday there was a dense mist over the ski slopes, and nobody was getting up onto them.  So we had, every morning, to try and find something to do with a bunch of kids who had come to go skiing, and to whom a day spent going round the local ruins was not an idea of fun.”

“I’ll tell you how bad it was,” Grace said as the others stopped laughing, “Thursday lunchtime, I got a call from Susan, saying there was a threat of open rebellion amongst the kids, and any chance of getting them back early.  Well, there wasn’t, but I did offer to buy the drinks for all of them when they got back.”

“And then, on the Thursday night, one of the boys got rather drunk on the booze they had bought, and decided to see if he could jump safely out of a third storey window.”

“Oh my,” Katy said, “did he make it?”

“Well, he survived – he hit a snow drift which was rapidly turning into slush, and he was so drunk he just relaxed in it.  He was, however, VERY lucky.”

“So what happened in the end?”

“We survived the week, set off – and the moment the coach started, the mist lifted and there was the most glorious sight.

“Through the rear window of the bus...”

Grace laughed as she said, “I almost had to buy the entire bar that night...”

“Okay,” Juliette said, “let’s eat, and then we’ll head to the lodge for the nightclub...

10 pm
Spruce Peak

“Now this is more like it,” Holly said to Ally and Nell as they went on the dance floor, the group taking over several tables as they came and went.  Klaus and Juliette had taken the toddlers and babies back to the lodges with them, allowing the rest of the group to relax...

“Gotta agree with them,” Nikki said as she danced with Pepsi and Ama, “good skiing, good food, and then party the night away...”

“And for those of us back from our colleges,” Jo said as she danced with Abby and Cari, “it’s just what we need to unwind for the holidays.”

“Training Tuesday, Jo!”

“Oh – wonderful...”

“All right, I admit it,” Denice said as she picked up her glass of wine, watching Denice with the girls, “this is easily the best weekend I have spent for a long, long time  - and that’s with our current home in Mary Thomas’ townhouse and all that brings.”

“Damn right it is,” Mercy Kinman said as she saw Letty laughing with Anna, “it’s amazing how good this feels, especially with everything that has happened this year.”

“You know what I love about all this,” April said as she sipped her beer.  “That it’s just a massive group of people who get on.  A toast, ladies.”

“What to,” Barbara said.

“Sinners all!”


“Look at them,” Diana said as she looked at Kylie and Marina, “it is amazing what they have become in the time since Easter.”

“Indeed – I am very proud of them, and I know Susan is as well,” Helen said as she looked at the girls.

“I understand you will visit London soon, Helen.”

“Indeed – although I still need to make the arrangements.”

"So what are the things that the Saints and Sinners really prize Diana?" asked Catherine.

"Oh I think knowledge, tolerance, friendship. Those are the links that bind us all."

"That sounds like you've thought about it before?"

"I suppose I have," Diana paused a second to reflect. "We really just want to be friends with each other I guess."

“Which is the strongest bond a group could have,” Catherine said quietly.

“Come on George,” Katy said as she grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and dragged him onto the dance floor, “let’s have our own fun.”

"Now who taught my daughter to dance like that?" Jan shook her head as Katy ground her body against George's.

"Umm...Guilty." Pepsi put her hand up.  “I guess I went a little far?”

“Oh I don’t mind – at least she is behaving herself in a way...”

"Can you teach me?" Sands asked quietly as she looked on.

"You want to learn to dance like that Sands?" Doc asked in disbelief.

"Well it might be useful to know," the young girl blushed.

"Who'd of thunk it?" Ally whispered in Nell's ear to the side.

"Yeah I think little Sandy is starting to grow up." Nell whispered back.

“Shall we tell Jo?”

“Or Sandy?”

“Or Heather,” they said in unison before laughing.

“So, anyone here catch your eye,” Annie said as she looked at Grace.

“Oh those days are well behind me,” Grace said with a smile.

“I hear Ju used to say that as well...”

"Well Sarah and Jean-Claude appear to be hitting it off." Grace glanced over at her friend dancing with the handsome ski-instructor.

"Don't they just." Annie smiled. "She and Mr. French Canadian Muscles have been chatting and dancing all night."

"I say good for Sarah, her last boyfriend was a guy none of us liked.  Bit of a sleaze bag really.”

“I think I understand the term,” Annie said, “we’ve met our fair share of those men.”

“How did you deal with them?”

“Scared them off...”

“Jean-Claude,” Susan said as they came over, “you know Annie, but this is my housemate Grace.”

“A pleasure ladies – may I buy you a drink?”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea...”

Kylie walked slowly over to where the two girls were talking, carrying a tray of drinks.

“What were you and Erica chatting about darling?”  She asked as she put the tray down.

“She’s going to go to the second-hand book store with me tomorrow Kylie.” Jeannie said as she looked upwards from her chair. “I want to see if they have anything I don’t have in my collection.”

“I might tag along if it’s at lunchtime, if that is all right with you both.”

“Okay,” Erica said, “after our morning runs we will do it.”

“So what does the term ‘your collection’ mean?” Kylie said as she sat down.

“Basically old fashion magazines and books devoted to the industry.”

“I don’t buy things,” Kylie said as she sipped her drink, “but I do keep a scrap book of things I have seen in the papers or magazines that I think might trigger ideas.”

“Well everyone agrees you’ll be an important designer one day.”

“Oh I doubt it.” Kylie blushed.

“Girls can we beg a dance?” the taller of two blonde boys asked with a strong Eastern European accent.

“I will, but my friend here is disabled.”

“Go, I can watch the drinks,” Jeannie said with a smile as they walked off.

“So what was he like Pips?”

“He’s one to avoid,” Pippa scowled as she came back to her friends, “all hands.”

“Yuck - I loathe guys who think they can get a free touch if they dance with you.” Kelly shook her head.

“Do I need to have a word with him Pippa?” Clint looked at her with concern.

“No thanks Clint…I spiked him with my heel. I think he got the message.”

“Well that guy I danced with was a saint.” Denice smiled as she sipped her drink.

“He should be darling, he’s gay, that’s his boyfriend over there.” Kelly pointed.

“Oh is that why?” Denice giggled.

“Gay guys are ideal partners to dance with sometimes.” Ingrid spoke up, “they usually look after themselves and look good, most of them can dance well, and they are all gentlemen round women.”

“Do you all know many gay men?”

“Denice most of us work in the fashion industry…what do you think?” Pippa smiled broadly.

“I guess it comes with the territory.”

“Talking of the fashion industry, did you notice how many different magazines are represented in this room Pippa?”

“I had.  I think there’s at least one senior staff member from every fashion magazine in New York here, if not the US.”

“And how many supermodels there are?” Pepsi grunted, “its making finding dance partners hard for mere mortals such as me.”

“Come on,” George said as Katy nodded, “I’ll try to do my best...”

"So who in here should I know? And who shouldn't I?" Denice said as she sat down next to Sandy and Heather.

"Meaning what?" Heather enquired.

"I guess meaning who is famous and who isn't?"

"Hmmm difficult question." Sandy pondered as she looked round the room. "There is yourself of course..."

"I'm not famous!" Denice looked shocked.

"You are a Sinner Denice, that does bring a certain amount of fame." Heather smiled.

"Okay that accepted, who apart from our, and notice I did say our, group is here?"

"Let me see," Sandy looked round, "well, I can see at least three Olympic gold medallists, sundry other personalities from the sports world..."

"Not all with their wives by the way," Heather interrupted.

"A few one-hit wonders from the music world," Sandy continued, "one or two excellent actors..."

"Also not with their spouses."

"This place is a hotbed of infidelity," Denice laughed as well.

"Some authors..."

"One with the boyfriend his wife doesn't know he has..."

"Stop interrupting lover," Sandy now started to laugh, "oh and sundry society types, as well though as masses of regular skiers, instructors, etc."

"How the hell do you know all those people by sight?"

"That's what I asked at first Denice," Heather ate a nacho, "but you soon learn to recognise them."

“You may have heard that when people know you’re a Sinner,” Sandy said, “there can be a certain – jealousy.  But it’s as simple as this – we’re all really good friends.”

“I thought the people Mary knew were amazing,” Denice said, “but this – is that Justin Bieber dancing with Erica and Poppy?”

“It might be,” Heather said with a smile as they watched.

“What’s happening,” Barbara said as she came over to join them.

“Denice is just wondering who’s who.”

“You remember when we first met in Saks, Barbara, and you told me some of the things that might happen?”

“Of course I do, why?”

“It’s taken me four months, but I think I’ve just realised you weren’t joking, or telling me everything...”

“So Monster Momma,” Cari said as she danced with Annie, “How do you want to spend tonight?”

“Oh I can think of a few ways,” Annie said with a smile, “but most of them involve getting you naked, and it’s a little bit crowded here.”

“Well, we could...”

“Oh no you don’t,” Holly said as she walked by, “you stay for a while.  Ju already said she is looking after Judith tonight.”

“All right – but nobody said we couldn’t take a walk in the moonlight...”

“Excuse me, are you Jeannie Brewster?”

Jeannie looked over to see a young man standing beside her, with short blonde hair.

“Guilty as charged,” she said with a smile, “what can I do for you?”

“I was asked to pass this message to you,” he said as he handed her a sheet of paper.  Reading it, she looked round and then wheeled herself across the floor.

“Hello Gorgeous.”

“Well now, fancy meeting you here,” she said with a smile as Winston reached down and lifted her out of the chair.  “I thought you weren’t able to get up this weekend.”

“Change of plans – I was able to come and join the family early.  At which point, they said they were coming here for a few days, so I tagged along.”

“Hello Jeannie.”

“Hi,” she said as she looked at Winston’s parents.  His father, Winston Brewster the Second, was as tall as House, but thin as a rake, while his mother was about her own mother’s height, with her brown hair cut short.

“Mother, Father, would you object if I stayed with Jeannie for a while, and came back to the hotel later?”

“Of course not,” his mother said, “we’ll see you and your mother tomorrow, Jeannie.”

“You are a very good dancer,” Jean-Claude said as he sat at the bar with Sarah, “is this your first time in the resort?”

“Yeah, it is – I only moved to the US last August.”

“Ah – what do you do for a living?”

“I teach English Literature – some of my pupils are in the group I’m here with.”

Jean-Claude looked over, before he said “so you teach Miss Burton and Miss Carter?”

“Not Katy, but the others – most of them go to St Angela’s.”

“AH – so you know Jeannie and her group as well?”

“Indeed – I share an apartment with Grace and another teacher.”

“Then you are a fortunate woman, to have such good friends,” he said with a smile.  “So, do you like what you find here?”

“I do actually – it’s a trip with friends rather than school trip, so I get to relax, ski the way I want to, and have a little fun as well.”

“Will you return to England for the holidays?”

“No – I’ve been invited to Christmas Dinner with friends here, and then I have some work to prepare.  But now I have visited here, I am sure I’ll be spending more time here over the winter.”

“Ah good – so you have discovered something here you like?”

“I may have,” Sarah said quietly as she looked at him.

“Come on,” Ally said as she and Nell grabbed Jo and took her onto the dance floor, “you need to be helped to forget Doctor Curt for a few minutes.”

“Yeah – it’s a damn shame he had to spend Christmas with his folks,” Jo said as they started to move to the music.

“Is it just me,” Nell said, “or are more people than usual watching us?”

“I’m trying not to notice,” Jo said quietly, “I want to unwind this weekend, not tense up.”

“Okay sis – signal Letty will you?  We need a crowd dance.”

Nell nodded as she signalled to the tall girl, who was standing next to Doc and Pepsi.

“We’re needed on the dance floor girls,” Letty said as she looked over, “gather the troops.”

Jo smiled as from each direction the girls gathered, providing both the support and the comfort she needed as they started to hide her from prying eyes.

“Why are the girls gathering,” Heather said as she looked over.

“To dance together, obviously,” Diana said as she looked on.
Senses and Sensibility - part 9
The group dines, and Susan tells of a school trip from hell...
Saturday, Noon

Well, it started like any other Saturday – I woke up about seven, went downstairs and made myself some coffee while I watched the news, and then I went to the shower.  My plan was to go into town and pick a few things up, then come home and have a quiet night in with a takeaway and a nice bottle of wine.

Well, that did happen – just not quite the way I had intended it to do so...

But I’m getting ahead of myself – I had the shower, dried myself off, put on clean underwear, and then a pair of grey jeans with a pink and beige striped jumper.  Walking to the wardrobe, I then grabbed a pair of knee length brown riding boots and pulled them on, tucking the legs into the leather, and then walked downstairs.

I had also put on a long string of beads, which I made sure sat on top of the light grey poncho I put on, and then grabbed my handbag and car keys, smiling as I went out, locked my front door, and then drove off to town.

So here I am now, in my car, getting ready to head back.  So what has changed?  Well, I did get what I was looking for – but I picked up something else as well.

He’s sitting behind me now, wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans, and a white t-shirt.  He looks about the same age as me, and has curly brown hair – but he also has a knife in his hand, and a look in his eyes that makes me shiver as he looks at me.

“I’m really sorry,” he said quietly, “just leave the car park, and drive home, and do not raise the alarm.  I do not want to hurt you.”

He’d come up to me while I was paying for the car parking ticket, standing there as I put the money in, and then whispering “you have a knife against your back – say nothing, act naturally, and walk with me back to your car.”

There was nobody else around, nobody I could turn to for help, so I nodded as I put my purse away, and we walked to where I was parked, the man putting his arm round me and holding me close.

When we got to my car, I unlocked it and got in, and he got in the back – which brings us to where we are now, as I leave the car park with him crouching down in the back, and get onto the main road.

“Look,” I said as I glanced in the rear view mirror, “what do you want?  If it’s money, I can give you some...”

“Right now, I want you to concentrate on the road,” he said quietly, “we can talk later about anything else.”

Well, it was a bizarre and frightening situation – so frightening I was too scared to do anything other than drive home, pulling into the drive in garage and waiting with the engine off as the door slowly slid down.

1.30 pm

“All right,” he said as he got out of the car, and opened my door, “nice and slowly, get out of the car and open the door.”

I did as he asked, looking for my keys and then unlocking the door to the kitchen as he led me in.  

“Sit down, hands on your head,” he said quietly as he looked at me, watching me sit before he closed and locked the garage door.

“Right,” he said quietly, “what’s your name?”

“Sally – what’s yours?”

“Pete – look Sally, all I need is a place to hide out, get something to eat and a change of clothing, things like that.”  He then looked around, and said quietly “do you live alone?”

I nodded as he looked at me, and then said “You expecting any visitors, guests, anyone like that?”

Shaking my head from side to side, he said “okay – okay, I need to have some time to think things over...”  Opening and closing drawers, he finally found a coil of washing line that I had bought to replace the one outside, as well as a pair of scissors.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“You’ll see,” he said as he opened the rope up, and then cut a length of about six foot off.  “Lean forward.”

“What are you doing,” I said as he lifted the back of my poncho up, and crossed my wrists behind my back, tying them tightly together as he wound the rope around and between my arms, and then tying them to a loop at the back of my jeans.  I felt him cover them over with my poncho, before he went to a drawer and took out a new sponge, like the one I had used for washing up.

Squashing it in his hand, he looked at me and said “open your mouth.”

“You are NOT putting that in my mouth!”

“It’s this or a damp dishcloth – your choice, Sally.”

Well, not a choice really, was it?  I opened my mouth and let him push it in, closing my lips over it before he picked up from the side a roll of sticking plaster.  Tearing off a strip, he smoothed that down over my mouth, making sure there were no creases or bubbles, and then he took my lipstick from my bag and drew over my lips.

“Whhrrudngths,” I mumbled as I looked at him.

“Because we need to go shopping with your cards,” he said as he looked at me, “and you’re coming with me...”

3.30 pm

I’d never been to this large retail market – it was a sixty minute drive from home, and I think he picked it to be sure we couldn’t be recognised.  Here we were, making our way round the store, as he bought some men’s clothes and shoes – and nobody, nobody has noticed the fact my hands are behind my back, and I have a strip of sticking plaster over my mouth?

When we had arrived, he had made me withdraw some money from my account – well, he had taken the card from my wallet, put it in the dispenser, and then made me grunt the code before he withdrew three hundred pounds, and now we were walking to the till, him smiling and chatting to the operator as he kept his arm round my shoulders.

The funny thing was, not been able to talk or move my arms – somehow, it meant I didn’t really care by this time what people thought I was up to.  It was as if, been restricted, I was more liberated than before...

“Your girlfriend is very quiet?”

“Yeah – bad throat.   The doctor has advised her not to talk, isn’t that right darling?”

I nodded and looked at him, as he handed over the cash and then picked up the bags, before we walked back to the car.  He opened the passenger door, allowed me to sit in before he fastened the seat belt over me, and then took a length of rope from his pocket, securing my ankles as he had done when we first got into the car at home.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive,” he said as he closed the door, and then got behind the wheel, turning the engine on and smiling as we set off.  I had to admit as well, he had good taste in music – not that I was in a position to argue, as we drove back.

What really worried me was the other bag in the back of the car – the one with the items he’d picked up at the hardware store...

It was a quarter to five when he stopped the car, the door closing behind us as he got out and opened the kitchen door.  Coming back round, he opened my door, and then lifted me out, putting me over his shoulder and his hand on my bottom as he carried me through to the front room, and sat me on my couch.

“Don’t move,” he said as he went back into the kitchen returning with the rope and scissors.  Cutting a length off, he bound my legs tightly together below my knees, and then lifted my necklace and my poncho off, laying them to the side as he shook the rope out, and cut one piece off the end.

“Sorry, but I need you to stay here for a little while,” he said as he wrapped the longer of the two ropes around my arms and body, forcing them into my sides, and then made me lie face down, pulling my ankles back and tying them to my wrists as I wriggled round.

He walked out of the room, and I saw him heading up the stairs with a bag of clothes, before the shower started.  I tried moving, but he had tied me too tightly, and in the end all I could do was lie still, and see when he would finish.

It was the strangest feeling, and the strangest sound as the ropes creaked, and I heard my boots squeak as they rubbed against each other.  As I said, it was strange, but I knew there wasn’t a lot I could do – and as I relaxed, I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

I could feel my eyes closing, despite my best efforts to stay awake...

7 pm

“Hey – Sally, wake up...”

I opened my eyes to see Pete standing in front of me, wearing the clothes he had bought, and certainly a bit more presentable.  Kneeling down, he peeled the tape away from my mouth and eased the sponge out, before saying “if you promise to behave, I’ll untie you for a little while.”

“I promise,” I said quietly, “but I need a drink...”

“I’ve got one here,” he said as he untied the ropes, letting me sit up and stretch before he handed me a glass of water.  It was the sweetest thing I had tasted in a very long time, before I said “Why are you still here?”

“Well, I need to allow enough time for the search to go somewhere else,” he said quietly, “but you must be starving – I know I am.  Why don’t you order some food for both of us?”

That was not quite what I was expecting, so I said “You want to eat with me?”

“Why not – you’re a good looking young woman, and I can think of worse people t spend the evening with.  So, you choose, and then you can phone the order in – but please, no attempts to raise the alarm, or you will regret it.”

Something in the way he was saying that told me he was telling the truth, so I picked up the menu for the local Thai restaurant, and then phoned the order in.

“Would you like some wine?  I noticed you had a bottle cooling in the fridge when I went to fetch your water.”

“Maybe later – look, why are you doing this?  Why hold me hostage?”

“Fair question – well, I escaped from a prison transfer today.”

“Oh,” I said quietly, all sorts of thoughts going through my mind, “what were you...”

“Burglary,” Pete said with a smile.  “Well, aggravated burglary, in the sense of I did tie and gag a few people when I visited them.”

“I could never have guessed,” I said with a smile, Pete laughing at my response.

“Look – I know I tied you up, stopped you talking – but apart from that, have I actually hurt you?”

Well, I had to admit that he hadn’t actually hurt me, so I shook my head and said “now what?”

“Now, we share some food.  What was your plan for tonight?”

“Just this – takeaway, a bottle of wine, and a film.  I just didn’t expect company.”

“Naturally,” he said as I rubbed my wrists.  “Do you mind if I...”

“Please,” he said as he watched me take my boots off, and wriggle my toes.  “So, do I fetch the wine or do you?”

“We go together,” he said as he stood up, “let’s get the glasses and plates as well.”

10.30 pm

“And I left them there, looking at each other, unsure of who would make the first move.”

I know it was wrong of m to laugh at the way he had left two of his victims, but the way he told the story was so funny I just had to.  Looking at the clock, he said “I think it is time you got ready for bed, Sally.”

“So what are you going to do to me?”

“I do need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm during the night, but I shall be gentle.  That’s why we picked up the other things today.”  Taking the plates, he walked with me to the kitchen, and picked up another bag as he walked me upstairs.

“Select what you will wear to bed tonight,” he said as he looked round my bedroom, “and then take them into the bathroom with you.  Again, the door stays open, and I will be outside, but I will not look unless you make me have to.”

“I understand,” I said quietly as I found a blue nightdress, and went to the bathroom.  Standing under the shower, seeing his shadow as he stood outside the door, I thought of opening the window and screaming – but he was right.  He hadn’t hurt me, and I wasn’t really afraid...

When I came out, he smiled as he looked at me, and said “Now, come into your room.”  

As we went in, I saw he had put some rope out on the bed.  Indicating I should sit down, I watched as he passed a coil of rope around my wrists and pulled them together in front of me, taking the rope around and between my arms to hold them together.  He then tied more rope around my arms and chest, holding them firmly to my side before he helped me to lie down.

He had already folded the duvet back, and as I lay with my head on the pillow I watched while he tied my legs together below my knees, and then my ankles, before he secured them to the foot of the bed.  Covering me over, he then tore a length of tape off a roll of white tape.

“Lips together, Sally,” he said quietly as he looked at me, “This will not hurt.”

He was right as well – the tape pulled a little on my skin, but it was more comfortable than the sticking plaster – and just as effective, as I could not move my lips at all.

“Good night, Sally,” he said as he gently kissed me on the forehead, and then left me alone, the lights off as I wondered how I could possibly sleep like...

Sunday, 8 am

As I opened my eyes, I wondered what was going on – my arms felt so stiff, and something was pulling at my mouth, making me want to say something.  IT took a few minutes for me to remember what had happened – and then the door opened, and Pete came in, carrying a tray with a mug of coffee, some toast and a single rose on a vase.

“Good morning,” he said as he helped me to sit up, untied my arms and removed the tape from my mouth, before putting the tray over my lap.  “I hope you slept well.”

“I did actually,” I said as I moved my legs, “why haven’t you untied them?”

“All in good time – I wanted to say thank you for letting me stay last night, so have your coffee and toast, and once you are dressed I will cook some brunch for you.”

“Why?  Why are you doing this?”

“Despite what you may think, I did look after those I visited, Sally – why should you be any different?  Tell me, are you expecting anyone today?”

“Yes – my mother is coming at one for lunch.”

“Then I will be gone before then,” he said with a smile.  “I promise you, apart from yesterday, and your liberty for this time and the next few hours, nothing has been taken from you, nor will it be.”

“A gentleman and a robber?”

“No – they are a different pair,” he said with a smile.  “So, eat up and drink up, and then you may change into something – I suggest comfort, and some protection.”


Pete just looked at me, and smiled as he said “why do you think?”

“Stupid question really, isn’t it,” I said with a smile as I drank my coffee.  “Not that I am going anywhere at the moment anyway.”

“Once you’ve finished, I’ll take care of that,” he said, his smile brightening the day...

11 am

“Well, you are a reasonably good cook,” I said as I pushed my plate away at the breakfast bar.  He had allowed me to shower again, and then I had put on a charcoal grey round necked top, with short sleeves, and a long peasant style skirt with candy stripes.  I also had a pair of burgundy leather boots over my legs – what he had said about protection coming into my mind as I put them on.

“Good,” Pete said as he put the dishes into the dishwasher, and closed the door.  “Do you want more coffee?”

“No – so, how are you going to leave me?”

“I offer some choices – first, upstairs or downstairs?”

“Downstairs, I think.”

“Very well – shall we go into the front room, and proceed from there?”

“Okay,” I said, intrigued to see what he would do as I went through, and he brought a bag in.  He then took a chair from my table and set it in front of the television, saying “sit down please,” as he looked at me.

Well, I sat down, and then raised my arms at his request, while he tied my upper body to the chair back, winding it round me as it wound above and below my chest.  I felt it pulling me back, and smiled at how comfortable it was, as he tied it off behind me, and then guided my arms round the sides of the chair.

“Well, I’m going nowhere,” I said as I felt him tying my wrists together, the rope going around and between my arms before he secured them to the chair back.

“Not for a while,” Pete said as he knelt in front of me, and gathered my skirt, tying my legs together on top of my knees as he did so.  He then tied my ankles tightly together, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on the leather.

He then pulled them under the chair, lifting them up as I felt him tie more rope to them, and then my wrists pulled down slightly as well.

“Any requests of what to watch,” he said as he looked at me.

“Put the football on – City are playing.”

“Ah – I am a United fan,” Pete said with genuine sadness, as he put Sky Sports on, and then rolled a headscarf up, tying a knot in the middle of it.

“No tape?”

“No – more comfortable, I think.  Open wide.”

I felt the silk on my tongue as he pushed the knot in, and then the pressure on my cheeks as he tied it tightly round my head, before he looked at me.

“May I take one more thing?”

“Whttt,” I mumbled, and then I felt his lips on mine, pressing gently before he broke off and looked at me.

“Goodbye,” he said quietly as he looked at me, and then I saw him walk off, the front door opening and closing.

1 pm

I heard the front door opening, and looking to the side I saw Mum come in, dropping her bag to the floor as she looked at me.  

“Heemmm,” I said quietly, “srrpss...”
One day in her life...


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