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My late father was a WWII veteran - European theatre, from D-Day + 1 to the end.  He saw the horrors there, Arnhem, Belsen.  He was also a life long Labour supporter, except for one time - May 3rd 1979, when he voted Conservative.

He said that was his biggest mistake, and his biggest regret.

If this is what the result of the referendum and the Leave vote is, the hatred, the vitriol, the racism and the chaos in parliamentary and other areas of life, I feel my vote has been my mistake.


“All right folks,” Jack said as he stepped back, “we have all we need now.  I still want to take family group photos for those who want them, but now it’s time for you to be free and me to have a large whisky.”

“Thank you,” Klaus said as he shook the hands of Jack and Luke, and then nodded to Frau Strecher as Sigi came in.

“Photos all done?”

“Photos all done – we will start to move the guests into the Grand Ballroom in a minute,” Frau Strecher said.

“So we’ve just got time to find our partners,” Abby said as Carina and Ingrid held Judith’s hands, and they walked into the lobby.

“I need to go and find Shirley – coming Alex?”

“Of course,” Alex said as the others walked out, leaving Klaus and Juliette with Sigi.

“May we come in?”

“Of course,” Klaus said as Dieter came in with Natalya and Willy.  “How are things out there?”

“Getting busy – but...”

“Königliche Hoheiten, meine Damen und Herren - darf ich Sie bitten, starten Sie Ihren Weg in den Grand Ballroom zu machen und Ihrer festgesetzten Orte.”

“And Frau Strecher continues to be in charge,” Juliette said with a smile.

"So after today Cinderella turns back into a serving maid?" Natalya asked her niece as they watched people walk in..

"Well at least a student," Carina grinned, "I'm going to go through the family libraries, and the public library for the next few days and prepare my term paper on German history."

"Admirable dedication my dear...”  Natalya sipped her drink, and then said “and maybe you and I can have a night out?"

"Hmmmm if Annie can babysit Judith that might be fun. What do you have in mind..."

"I'll tell you in private later," the older woman put her finger to her lips.

"Looking forward to it."

"Are you going to come in and watch the race?" Willy asked.

"Probably,” Carina said, “but I have to phone two friends from Yale and see how their race went today."


"No rowers, they are two college mates of mine, they row as a coxless pair for the university."

"Ah I see."

"And little one will bug me till she knows their result."  Carina went off to the corner, passing Grace as she talked to an old friend.

"So the Pelican at long last joins the married ranks?"

"She does Mother," Grace smiled as she stood talking with her old friend and colleague. "And really it is LONG OVERDUE."

"Agreed Palomino."

"Okay Mother? Pelican? Palomino? pardon a simple Zimbabwean cattle rancher but who the hell are they?"

"They are us Hamish," Grace linked her arm in his and giggled, "they are us, just insider nicknames."

"Okay," he paused, "I get it."

"Don't sweat it." Linda smiled at him.

"Changing the subject is that Piet van der Byl over there the former Golden Lions second row?"

"It is," Grace looked across the room.

"Man he's bigger in real life even then he looked on TV." Hamish whistled, "he was a good player, pity he packed it in."

"Well he's an even better journalist, and the little redhead with her is his girlfriend Charlotte Gordon.”

“That’s little Charlie Gordon?  I haven’t seen her since she was a girl in jeans and pigtails.  What does she do these days?”

“She works for Xavier International – heads up their IT division,” Grace said.  “I didn’t know you knew her?”

“Oh it was half a lifetime ago,” Hamish said quietly as he looked at her.

"Did they win Momma?" Juliette tottered towards Carina as she came back in.

"They did."

"Yay."  Judith jumped up and down, the skirts of her dress rising and falling with her.

"And they said the loan of your teddy bear made all the difference."

"Told you," the young child smiled.

"Your Aunt Molly had it tucked in where both she and Aunt Kelsey could see it."

"Good!" Judith said with a decisive nod.  “Teddy is very lucky.”

"So are you enjoying yourself little one?"

"I am Momma...I like wearing pwitty dwesses." Judith looked round, "and having Unca Jack take my picture."

“And how do you think Grammy and Grappy look?”

“Vewwy nice...”

“And here she is, the little princess,” Jan said as Katy came over to join the family.  “How are you feeling?”

“On top of the world and my feet hurt,” Katy said as she slipped her shoes off for a minute.  “Did I look all right?”

“You looked fantastic,” Katherine said as she kissed her granddaughter on both cheeks.  “I do like the tiara and bracelets as well.”

“They’re a gift from Klaus and Juliette – Maybe we need a safe now at home mom.”

“I’ll need to look into that,” Jan said with a smile as she looked round.  “Jeanne – who were you with today?”

“My mother,” Jeanne said as she joined them.  “She is talking to Diana and her family, and avoiding my father and Janine.”

“I thought you said it went well yesterday?”

“It did – but the fact Janine is now my father’s partner may not have come up in the conversation.”

"Well have you done your patient rounds doctor?" Ken said as he held a glass for his wife.

"I have, checked on Jeanne, on Annie, gave April and Judith both little checkups, etcetera. I think I've earned this," Karen smiled..."even if it is just Ginger Ale."

"I saw you also chatting with Samantha...Is she?"

"Still sober, and still motivated I think to stay that way."

"Well we are trying to help her," Rose suddenly appeared accompanied by Maeve.

"You are doing a great job." Karen kissed both women on the cheek. "What is this I hear you flew solo to New York Rose?"

"I did."

"And I was able to go to Reunion knowing she was safe as well," Maeve added.

"Rumour has it you both had something to do with the wedding dress ladies?" Ken asked.

"Well young Kylie did create a beautiful pattern..."

"That this lady reproduced PERFECTLY!" Maeve smiled proudly.

"Well, my skilled sister did a little of the final fabric cutting."

"So that was what Bats was doing when she took that so-called business trip to London eh?"

"To quote my daughter," Rose sipped her tea, "NO COMMENT!"

“So, where is Kylie?”

“I think she’s in conference with Shirley and Alice over something...”

"So have you managed to fit in many museums Heather?" Kelly asked as they stood around.

"Oh maybe a couple," Heather's eyes twinkled, "and I'll maybe go see a couple more before we return home."

"So I take it you have been having fun then?" Tom Morse asked.

"I have.  This is a truly magical city"

"She's been teaching me what makes a good painting different from a great painting," Sands said as she came over with a tray of hors d'oeuvres.

"Well having an expert like Heather do it certainly helps." Kelly smiled.

"It does, especially as she knows so much about the artists themselves."

"Oh I don't know that much..."

"Heather stop being modest," Tom laughed.  “I found out about your thesis.”

“Her thesis?”

“My final thesis on Van Gogh – it was rather well received,” Heather said with a blush.

“Now my big sis is practising false modesty,” Jo said as she came over with Curt.

“You looked amazing there as well, Jo,” Sandy said as well with a smile.

"Frau Strecher?" Carina smiled as she came over to the estate manager.

"Yes Princess, how may I help you?"

"Is it possible for two friends of mine to share a room here over the summer whilst they train at the Olympic Regatta Center?  I just heard they have been selected for a training course here."

"Of course Princess,” Frau Strecher said, “just send me their details and I will make arrangements."

"Thanks," Cari smiled again, "they are two friends of mine from Yale."

"May I ask why you thought you had to ask MY permission Princess, this is YOUR home."

"I know," Cari shook her head, "and one day I will wrap my brain round that fact."

"Well I am only here to serve you and your family your Highness.  On which note – Herr Broadhurst"

“Yes,” Grant said as he looked over.  “Ah – thank you Frau Strecher.  Guy, Roy?”

“Ah – I believe the race is about to start.  I promise I will not be long,” Guy said as he kissed Valeria and walked off.

“It must be time for the race,” Diana said as Abby sipped her drink.

“Indeed – hopefully they will not be too long...”

“This is Mike Battaglia and Trevor Denman at the Florida Derby – and Trevor, as the horses come to the stands, the question every one is asking is can Saints and Sinnerz repeat the success he enjoyed last year.”

“Well, Mike, all the signs are good – he’s looked strong in training, and the decision of the syndicate that owns him to enter him for the Guineas is seen by many as a wise move.  Donna managed to catch a few minutes with John Todd, the trainer.”

“John,” the blonde said, “how has Saiints and Sinnerz looked on the field today?”

“He’s looked very strong,” Toddy said as he smiled, standing in his grey suot, pale blue shirt and tie.  “I was speaking to George Saunders, who is here today representing the syndicate, and he was very optimistic.”

“I understand the other owners are not here today?”

“With good reason Donna – today was the wedding in Germany of Klaus von Furstenheim and Juliette Huntingdown, and they are attending there.”

“And we’re watching Toddy,” Roy said as they gathered in the billiard room.

“And I know they’re probably watching, so I hope it was a good day for them, and we’re going to have a good day here.”

“Thanks John – Mike, back to you and Trevor.”

“Well, the horses are riding out now – Saints and Sinnerz looking good there, hanging back.”

“That’s it,” Grant whispered under his breath as April stood with him, “nice and easy, just like we said...”

“So, current odds?”

“As the horses make their way into the stalls, Saints and Sinnerz and Nyquist are joint favourites at evens, Gunrunner at 5-1, Fellowship and Mohaymen 10-1, Takeittotheedge 15-1, 30-1 bar.”

“Okay just three more hroses to go in here at Gulfstream Park, and then the 2016 Florida Derby will be underway.”

“Has the race started yet,” House said as he came in with Tommy.

“Not yet,” Guy said as Grant whispered “that’s it – go on in my boy, you’re going to be just fine.”

“Stop worrying Pops,” Pepsi said as she stood with Jack, “he’s going to be fine.”

“The starter is getting into position...”

The billiard room was slowly filling up, both men and women coming in as they screen showed a man walking up some stairs to a platform.

“All horses are in, and....  THEY’RE OFF!”

The stall gates opened as the horses set off, racing down the straight as the commentator began.

“And Fellowship is taking the early lead, Nyquist and Saints and Sinnerz tucked in behind...”

“Come on boy,” April said quietly as the horses approached the bend.

“And it’s Fellowship, with Nyquist and Saints and Sinnerz breaking away from the rest of the field.  As they come into the bend, Fellowship is being caught...”

“Remember,” Roy whispered, “round the bend...”

By now others were coming in, John with Rose, Adam, Tommy, John Gaunt with his father, the room filling up as they watched.

“And as they come out of the bend Nyquiat is just in the lead – and her comes Saints and Sinnerz round the outside.  Nyquist is unbeaten so far this year, but Saints and Sinners is level, and inching ahead...”

At the course, George was standing next to Toddy, both watching through their field glasses as the horses were neck and neck.

“Less than a furlong to go now, and it’s too close to call, they’re coming up to the finishing line.... Saints and Sinnerz is just ahead...  and at the line...”

In the main room, the crowd turned as they heard the cheering from the billiards room.  “I think we can guess the result,” Diana whispered to Sandy.

“YES!”  Jack punched the air as Roy and Grant hugged each other, Guy quietly nodding and smiling.  

As the room cheered, Roy took out his telephone.

“George?  Yes we watched it – congratulate Toddy and Marcus for me, will you?

“Okay – I’ll get Caroline to call you in a few minutes.  Have a drink on us.”

“ NOW will you relax Grant,” April said with a smile.

“All right, all right – I’ll relax now.”

“Good – come on, they’re calling us in for the meal.”

“Why were they cheering, Marina darling,” Kylie asked as she rejoined her and Samantha.

“Saints and Sinnerz won the Florida Derby,” Marina said.

“Ah excellent – I know we are missing Kentucky, but there will eb other opportunities once we have relocated.”

“You have an interest in a racehorse, Kyles?”

“Only an interest, mother darling – but the horse is owned by four of our saints, so we all watch keenly when he races.”

“So what did Shirley and Alice want,” Marina asked as she sipped her drink.

“Oh a little summer job – I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Frau Strecher called out, “please take your seats.”

“Father Richmond.”

Alex turned to see Cardinal Marx standing behind him, now wearing a black jacket over the purple shirt.

“Your Eminence,” he said as he went onto one knee and kissed the ring, “I was honoured to play a part today.”

“We’re off the clock, to use a phrase – shall we agree to first name terms?  Reinhard.”

“Alex,” he said as they shook hands, “so you will join us at the top table?”

“I believe Frau Strecher wishes me to give thanks – will you introduce me to our brother in the cloth?”

“Of course – His Eminence Cardinal Marx, may I present my Lord Bishop of Ordford, and his wife Martha.”

“A pleasure to welcome my Anglican colleague,” Cardinal Marx said as they shook hands.  “What brought you here today?”

“Our son is Luke Heller, Jack Linklater’s assistant,” Martha said.

“Ah of course – I look forward to talking to both of them later.”

“Well, if it isn’t Philippa Ashley – you’ve hardly changed a bit.”

“Neither have you Fergus – worst luck,” Pippa said as the bearded man smiled.  “This is my daughter Poppy – Poppy, Fergus MacLean, a – friend – from when I was your age.”

“Pleasure,” Poppy said as she sat with Sarah, Harriet, Dennis Law and Tony Camp.

“So what do you do to earn a crust these days Pips?”

“I edit a fashion magazine,” Pippa said, “and I’m about to...”

“It seems we’ve been placed with you as well – may we?”

“Of course, Mother,” Pippa said. “Fergus, you remember my mother, and my aunt Margaret?”

“Of course – a pleasure to see you both again.”

Margaret smiled as she sat down, and then looked at the other tables.  “Certainly high company – and there’s someone I’ll see next week.”

“Prince Charles?”

“Yup – I think John and I are at the same ceremony.”

“There you are,” Shirley said as she kissed John, “I guess you get the high table?”

“Indeed – I think you are with Sandy, Diana and Madeline as well as the others.”

“Yes I do – but i am having the first dance with you, understand?”

“I would not have it any other way...”  Shirley kissed him again as she went to join Sandy, Little George holding her chair for her as she sat down while Sandy held the chair for Heather.

“How are you feeling Jennifer,” Little George said as she sat next to Orlanda in a high chair.

“Will we eat soon, George?”

“Yes, we will eat soon,” Orlanda said with a smile as she looked round.

“It’s not Orlanda Cormack, is it?”

“Lady Lardarn,” Orlanda said as she stood up, “I did not see you earlier.  I trust you are keeping well.”

“You know Tom and Paula Gaunt,” Sandy said with a smile.

“She was kind enough to support me at college,” Orlanda said, “and I always will be grateful to her.  Perhaps we will talk later?”

“Of course,” Paula said as she went with the rest of her family to sit with Eve and Stephen Stone, as well as Cassandra and Rick.

“You’re looking well Eve,” Cassandra said as her cousin sat down, “how are your studies?”

“As complete as they are going to be,” Eve said with a smile.  “Now I wait for the joy of the examinations to begin.”

“You get used to it,” John said as he looked at his phone.

“Do you really?”

“Nah – sorry, that was Kit.  She was watching the ceremony and loved every second of it.”

“Well, we did as well,” Aileen said.

As Henri held the chair out for Janine, he heard a quiet voice behind him say “hello Henri.”

“Celeste,” he said as he turned round, “it is good to see you again.  I trust you are well?”

“I am – I see Jeanne and I are joining you at this table.  Janine?”

“Celeste,” Janine said quietly as Henri held her chair for her, “this is my assistant Alexis – Alexis, this is Celeste, Jeanne’s mother.”

“A pleasure,” Alexis said as Celeste nodded.  “I like your outfit – where did you get it?”

“Dior in Paris – you?”

“APCO – please, be seated.”

“So,” Henri said as he sat down, "Niki told me that you had talked to him a few weeks ago."

"Oh,” Celeste said, “when was that Henri?"

"At Sebring, we managed to get a little time together and talk of old times."

"All those visits he paid you in the burns unit?"

"Well, among other topics.  We talked of regrets and those no longer with us."

"Well,” Celeste said as she supped her wine, “you share a lot in common...and I mean beyond the scars."

"I knew what you meant." Henri smiled his crooked smile, "and yes he and I have very similar outlooks on life, and the same way of evaluating people."

"Which means you both despise ME I suppose."   Celeste sighed as she put her glass down.

Henri looked at her as Jeanne was talking to Jeanne and Alexis, before he said quietly "and why would we do that?"

"Because I didn't have the moral fibre to stand by you after the accident."

"You did as well  as you could," Henri tried smiling again, "but I understand how difficult people find confronting this image I see everyday in the mirror."

"Janine seems to have no problems."

"No," Henri chuckled, "and she even goes so far as to say she doesn't know who she finds or Niki?"

"She can joke about it,” Celeste said as she looked across the table, “and yet still love you?"

"I know, it's a lovely and rare thing that she can see under these injuries..."

"Which I of course NEVER COULD," she said as she let her temper rise.

"You tried...” Henri said as he held her hand, “You tried well, but..."

"I tried hard,” Celeste said quietly, “but just somehow I could never get it in my head that underneath was still my 'golden man'."

"And that led you to your breakdown...and after the treatment, our divorce."


“Celeste, none of this was your fault,” Henri said quietly, “but it happened, and now I have not only Janine, but we are to be grandparents.  Can we finally start to put the past behind us, and look to the future?”

“Charlie?  Charlie Gordon?”

Charlotte turned to look at the big man standing there, and said quietly “Uncle Fergus?  I thought that was you I saw with Grace today.  You’re looking well.”

“Oh I can’t complain – but look at you lass.  You look amazing.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte said with a blush, “so, how is life in Zimbabwe?"

"If one can keep one’s head down, and keep out of the attention of the fucking government...then it's pretty much as it always was Charlotte."

"You know I see Uncle John occasionally."

"Yeah,” Fergus said with a laugh, “I see the old bastard occasionally myself when I'm in SA. He looks good for his age."

"Well you don't look so out of condition yourself."

"The ranch keeps me going."

"So,” Charlotte said, “I never knew that you knew Grace Gresham?"

"Oh Ja, she was at Wycombe Abbey, whilst I was at Stowe, we got to know each other on inter-school events."

"I heard a few whispers she was very hung up on you?"

"That would be from Pip," he laughed, "and Ja I know she had a big crush on me."

"And you on her?"

"Oh I knew several girls," he smiled at the memory, "but Ja Gray was 'my girl' for a while back then."

"Why did you split up?"

"I was a year older, I went back to Africa to go to UCT, she began modelling...we stayed in touch for a while, but it wasn't ever going to last....unlike you and a certain journalist I hear?"

Charlotte looked over to where Piet was sitting, and smiled as she nodded.

"So how does a Zimbabwean cattle rancher get invited to an event like this?" Shirley asked Sigi as they stood to one side and watched Charlotte talking to the big man.

"He's family...his grandmother and mine were sisters."

"Ah THAT explains it," Shirley smiled.

"I'd forgotten that he and Grace Gresham were once an item," Sigi smiled as one of her children ran through the room chasing a little girl.

"She's like a giggly schoolgirl all of a sudden."

"He can have that effect on women Shirley. I had a huge crush on him once."

"So how does he know Charlotte?"

"Her father spent two or three years or so looking at the minerals on Bavaria Ranch, Charlotte like all good mining brats went with him."

"Ah so they are literally old friends."

"Yes," Sigi smiled even wider as her son ran back across the room pursued by the little girl.

“Folks – can I introduce you to Fergus MacLean, an old friend from Africa.  Fergus, let me introduce you to the others.  This is Susan and her husband Clint with April, Lily, Penny, Maddie, her wife Emma, and Shirley.”

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." he smiled as Charlotte made the introductions, “and you all work for the same company as Charlotte?”

"Other than Shirley - she is the Xavier in Xavier International." Lily laughed slightly.

"Oh Charlotte's big boss eh? I guess I had better not tell tales of her as a scrawny little redheaded kid with pig-tails eh?"

"On the contrary - I'd love to learn a few things." Shirley smiled brightly.

"Oh," Fergus shook his head, "I know a few things about miss here...You know I always thought she'd end up working with diamonds not computers, she always loved shiny stones."

"I still do,” Charlotte said, “but jobs are easier to come by in IT for a woman than in mining."

"That's because too many old-fashioned men like me run the mines I suppose...Male chauvinist pigs."

"Well at Xavier's we pride ourselves on our equal opportunity programmes."

"That you do Shirley my love," John Hammond brought round a fresh tray of food.

"Fergus, meet my life-partner John Hammond."

"Oh Ja, you are the famous photographer?"

"Not in this room," John laughed, "there are far better photographers in this room today then me."

“Almost,” Jack Linklater said as he passed by.

"Who is that amazingly tanned man over there?" Paula Lardarn asked her sister-in-law as she looked at the other table.

"A cousin of Klaus's from Zimbabwe," Eve answered, "He's also an old boyfriend of Grace Gresham's."

"He is? From where?"

"He was at Stowe whilst she and Pippa were at Wycombe."

"He was at Stowe...?"

"Well,” Tom said, “I suppose some poor idiots go there..."

"Tom don't be an Etonian snob," his sister interrupted.

"Oh like you Benenden girls don't look down on every girl’s school in the world?"

"You know he has yer there," Stephen Stone smiled.

"Benenden girls are taught to be ladies...not snobs." Eve answered.

"Then explain yer comments regardin' Roedean girls my love?"

"Oh that is all together different."

"Quite right Aunt Eve," Aileen laughed, "certain schools really are beyond the pale."

"Which explains what I said about Stowe." Tom laughed, "and I bet I'm not the only one..."

He grabbed Will as he walked past and said "Tell me, Will, do Harrovians recognise the existence of a school called Stowe?"

"Not if we can help it."


Eve and her nieces shook their head as they watched.

"And who are these two lovely looking young ladies?" Fergus asked as the two African girls walked over.

"This is Maisha my ward,” Shirley said, “and this is Caroline's daughter Ama.  Maisha, Ama, this is Fergus MacLean, an old friend of Charlotte."

“A pleasure to meet you,” Ama said as she extended her hand.

"Two lovely daughters of the red soil originally though I bet?" he kissed their hands making them giggle.

“That is true,” Maisha said quietly.

"Where was your home once?" he asked in Ndebele.

"Sorry,” Ama said, “we are both originally from Mazengwe."

"Ah - It was and will be a lovely country," he replied in both Awahli and in Zemba.

"It has been a while since I heard my peoples tongue," Maisha replied in Awahli.

"I speak no Awahli, but I do speak this language." Ama replied in Zemba.

"Were they both?" he asked Charlotte in Afrikaans.

"Yes they were among the liberated," she replied.

"A bad business," he shook his head, then switching back to English, "may I later beg a dance with each of you so I can say I danced with the two most beautiful girls at the wedding?"

“Well, I cannot speak for them, but we will be happy to dance with you later,” Ama said as Caroline walked over.  “Mom, this is Fergus MacLean.  Mister MacLean, my mother Caroline Jameson.”

“A pleasure,” Caroline said as they shook hands.  “If you will take your seats, I believe the happy couple will be coming in soon.”


“Oh hello Charly,” Mary Clarke said as she kissed her friend, “Pops, this is Charly Elphberg, a fellow model.  Charly, my pops and the rest of the family.”

“Pleasure to meet you all – Mother, Father, this is Mary’s family.”

“I met your father in San Francisco over lunch,” Teri said with a smile.  “Rudi, you met Dave Clarke last night, right?”

“I did indeed – but it is a pleasure to meet the rest of your family,” Rudi said as he shook hands.  “Did you enjoy the ceremony?”

“We did,” Alice said, “it was great fun.”

“Well, I hope we get a chance to talk later,” Terry said as they walked to a table.

“I did not know you knew their majesties,” Antonio finally said.

“We met in passing – well, Her Royal Highness and I did,” Dave said, the others looking at him.

“That...  That was a royal family,” Tracy whispered.

“Oh yes – close your mouth,” Mary said, “you’ll catch flies.”

“Ha ha,” David said quietly as he looked round.
Reception - part 2
The chatter continues before the meal begins - oh, and there's a horse race in Florida...
Saturday 2nd April
3.45 pm CET
The Furstenheim Townhouse

“All right my friends,” Frau Strecher said as she and Sharon walked into the large reception room, “the wedding party and guests will start to return shortly.  Please make the final preparations.”

“At once Frau Strecher,” the staff said as the men who had been guarding the dresses came over to Sharon.

“Caroline has asked me to thank you,” Sharon said, “and wonders if you would stick around to help with outside?  She’ll pay you the usual overtime package.”

“Sounds good to us,” their leader said as a tall blonde walked over.

“You are one of the security team?”

“That’s right Miss Lemper – is the room to your satisfaction?”

“Very much so – but I wish to see where I will be performing from?”

“Of course – this way please, I will introduce you to Frau Strecher.”

The Frauenkirche

“Thank you young ones,” Jack said with a smile as he looked at them, “now for the older girls.”

“How much longer do you think they will be,” Katy said as she stood next to Abby.

“Don’t worry, Jack will be as quick as he can,” Abby said as she looked at Doc.

"Well I'm glad the Cardinal performed the service in both German and English," Sands said as she eased her shoes off for a second to rest her feet.

"Yeah it certainly helped me follow the whole thing." Katy smiled and waved at some of the crowd, laughing as some man who seemed very vaguely familiar shouted out, "I love you Katy."

"You have your own fans." Sands laughed.

“So I hear,” Katy said as she blew a kiss back.  “But I am getting hungry, and I would murder for a drink.  What about you?”

“I am getting thirsty,” Sands said as Jack smiled.  “Thank you girls – now then...”

“Are you finished yet Jack?”

“Just about, Juliette my darling,” Jack Linklater said as he gathered the wedding party for a group shot.  “And – smile!”

“Can we go now Momma,” Judith said as she smiled, “I’m hungry.”

“We all are baby,” Carina said as Jack nodded, “and we’re going to the carriages now.  Come on – Mommy will see us there.”

Klaus held Juliette’s arm as they walked down between the two lines of police and security guards, Caroline Jameson watching from the side as Klaus helped her into the horse drawn carriage, and then sitting next to her.

“I need a drink,” Juliette said with a sigh as they set off.

“And one is waiting for you, my darling,” Klaus said as the carriage moved across the square, a police escort following.

“Okay,” Sigi said, “everyone into the cars and we’ll get you back.”

He watched the girls as they walked down the stairs, and stroked his cheek.  She had blown a kiss to him, and it had felt so good to receive it. Some of the anger and hurt he felt began to ease, but at the same time the determination grew.

She loved him – she had heard him say he loved her, and had blown a kiss to him to show him she felt the same way.  It was the signal he needed, the sign that what he was planning for her was the right thing to do.

When she returned, she would have some time at home – and then he would tell her everything. Then she would accept him forever and ever...

Oh the thoughts of what they might do together filled his brain, he yearned to protect her from everyone else in the world, to make sure no pervert out there would ever get within touching distance of his beloved. Yes he would protect the girl he loved and who had told him she loved him back. He'd remove the unhealthy influence of that slut of a mother she had, and those so-called friends who were really just out to exploit and use her.

Yes when she got back to New York he'd make sure she was safe, he'd make sure that their true love would keep them together for ever.

“So, Flush,” Grace said as she stood with Jerry, “how does it feel to see another friend married off?”

“It was truly wonderful,” Pru said as she watched the carriage depart, “almost makes you want to do it again.”

“Oh no,” Jerry said with a laugh, “once is enough.”

“Exactly”, Grace said.  “Once is most definitely enough.”

“For what,” Fergus said as he joined them.  “Fergus MacLean – a pleasure.”

“Fergus, this is Jerry and Pru Stratton.  Fergus is an old friend from my schooldays.”

“Oh – so you know Pippa as well?”

“Oh I know Phillipa Ashley,” Fergus said with a smile, “I hope to get a dance with her later.”

“Who is that standing with Grace, Pip,” Margaret Harker said as they stood further up the steps.

“That, Aunt Maggie,” Pippa said quietly, “is Grace’s plus one – Fergus McLean.”

“Where do i know that name from,” Amelia said as she put her gloves on.

“He runs a huge cattle ranch in Africa these days – but we both knew him at school,” Pippa said as she looked at them.  

“Hey Baby – enjoy the ceremony,” Winston said as he joined Jeannie with her mother and grandfather.

“Oh yes – and i used my tissue quota,” Jeannie said.  “Gotta say, the girls looked amazing.”

“Yeah – when they arrived Tommy and i could only watch.”

"Meet any interesting people while you were playing usher?" Jeannie asked House.

"A few, but showing them to their seats, then getting back to the West Door, we were pretty much all on the go."

"Did you hear that the Maestro booked Mary for a shoot for French Vogue as she happened to be sitting in the same pew?"

"Someone whispered that to me."

"Well the pleasure and pain of working for him comes to all top girls eventually, I just hope everybody tells her how temperamental he can be."

"Oh I'm sure Missy will brief her."

“Maybe – if she remembers.  I got the feeling the three witches were keeping her on a tight leash today.”

“I heard that,” Missy said as she appeared behind them, “and i will remember come September.”

“No ye winnae,” Fiona said as she walked behind her, “will ye?”

“Nae ae... No I won’t.  But I will warn Mary at the reception.”

“Ladies, you are coming in the car with us.  Winston, will you do the honours?”

“Of course,” Winston said as he offered Fiona his arm.

"Jack that was UPI, when will you be releasing the official photographs to the press?" Luke looked up from his phone.

"Tell them later, I haven't even shot the ones at the palace yet." Jack looked and sounded harassed as he looked at his bags.

"Can we help?"

"I'm not sure..." Jack looked up and smiled as he saw the Bishop of Ordford and his wife, "Did you enjoy the wedding?"

"Yes, and thank you arranging last minute invites for us," Martha smiled.

"Yes thank you, now can we help you and your crew load up?" the Bishop asked,

"Well if you don't mind?"

“Jack,” Caroline said as she walked over, “car’s ready when you are.”

“Good – let’s go people – and you, My Lord and Lady.”

As the girls got into the car, Carina and Ingrid both sighed as they sat down, Alex and Adam sitting with them.

“Wave, momma,” Judith said as she looked at the window and waved at the crowd when the car moved off.

“I suddenly have a new respect for Royal Families,” Carina said as she and Ingrid waved as well.  “So, how did it feel on our side of the altar, Alex?”

“Invigorating,” Alex said as he took some papers from his jacket and looked over them.

“Oh ho – the speech?  What are you going to say?”

“Wait and see, my dear, wait and see...”

“You know what the worst thing about being a bridesmaid is,” Angel said as she stretched her legs out, smiling at Jo and Abby.

“Same thing as being a model – standing round as our feet hurt?”

“Got it in one,” John said as he sat with Will and Willy.

“So what will you say about Klaus,” Will asked.

“Oh I have a few stories, don’t worry,” John said.

“The boys will be waiting for us,” Doc said as she sat with Katy and Sands.

“You looked so beautiful out there,” George said as he looked at his daughter.

“Thanks Dad,” Sands said as she blushed.  “Jack says he wants to take a picture of us with our parents and family – do you think Orlanda and Jennifer will like that as well.”

“I’ll ask them if you ask your mother – deal?”


"I hadn't realised Klaus was this well-liked and well-known in Munich?" Sandy spoke to Diana as they sat back in the car. "These crowds are far bigger then I expected."

"Well everybody likes a good show Cherie, but as you were saying he is particularly well liked. A lot of what he does with his revenues is support projects like small loans to youngsters and women to start up their own small businesses."

"That's very worthy of him..."

"And oui it has been a good plan that has made him very liked and respected."

"Hence the crowds?"

"Oui, and Sigi's law work also helps keep the public profile high for the family."

“Well, I could see how happy they were in the cathedral,” Sandy said.

“So was Shirley – is she going with John next week to the palace?”

“I believe she is – Grace is planning to talk to her later.

"So how long till post time?" Guy du Grechy asked as he sat back in the car.

"We have about an hour," Jack Fitzstuart looked at his watch.

"Oy you and your horses," Pepsi rolled her eyes, "my Mom kept having to prod Dad in the ribs to stop him checking his phone constantly in the cathedral."

"He would be worse if he was actually there, Pepsi dear." Guy smiled.  “he would be pacing the stables, and refusing to relax.”

“Right – Mom needs to take his mind off it for a little while.”

The Townhouse

“Okay – the coach and the first cars are arriving,” Sharon said as she stood with Frau Strecher.  They watched as the gates opened, and the coach drew up, having run the barrage of the paparazzi waiting outside.

Two footmen walked down the stairs and opened the door of the carriage, setting steps up as Klaus stepped out, holding Juliette’s hand as she stepped out of the carriage to the cheers from outside.

“Welcome back, Your Serene Highnesses,” Frau Strecher said with a formal bow, “we have refreshments prepared for you, but the staff would like the opportunity to congratulate you inside first.”

“Shall we,” Klaus said as they walked into the assembly hall, to cheers and clapping.

"This is a big thing for them." Frau Strecher smiled as the servants on duty crowded into the hall to greet the newlyweds and to take their own pictures.

"I know it is," Sharon whispered, "It's just a pity they couldn't all come to the cathedral."

"Well I know the televisions were all on downstairs."

“Indeed,” Sharon said, “you can see how happy they are.”

“Hey – how are things?”

“You were swift in returning Frau Jameson.”

“Well, I had the photographers and a couple of assistants with me.  Klaus, Juliette, I need to add my congratulations now before I forget.”

“And with that,” Luke said, “Jack and I are going to set up.  We’ll be ready for you in a few minutes.”

“Of course,” Klaus said as Frau Strecher brought forward a tray with two glasses of champagne.

"Is the red drawing room ready for the photos?" Jack asked Frau Strecher.

"It is indeed Herr Linklater, if you and your crew will follow Hans."

"Thank you," Jack smiled, as his team carried all the equipment in.

“My friends,” Klaus said as he and Juliette took a glass each, “I thank you all, and I pray for all blessings on you.”  As they both raised their glasses and drank, the staff clapped and cheered.

“Now, to work,” Frau Strecher said, “the guests will be arriving shortly, and we must be in a position to greet them.  May I present to both of you My Lord Bishop of Ordford, the Right Reverend Clive Heller, and his wife Martha.”

“It is a true honour to meet you both,” Bishop Heller said as he kissed Juliette’s hand and shook the hand of Klaus.

“You’re Luke’s mother and father, I take it?  Then we are honoured to have you here, and to welcome you to the party.  Would I be right in thinking they are waiting for us?”

“Juliette, my Royal Darling?  In here please?”

“I think so,” Juliette said as the quartet made their way to the Red Drawing Room, as the first of the wedding party cars drew up.

“Welcome back,” Frau Strecher said as Carina and Judith walked in.  “Would you care of a drink of milk and some biscuits, little one?”

“Yes please,” Judith said as she took the estate manager’s hand and walked off, while a footman carried a tray of glasses over to them.

“Thank you,” Adam said as he took two glasses and handed one to Ingrid, Alex doing the honours for Carina.

“Ah that’s better,” Carina said as she took a sip.  “Mom and Pops?”

“Have gone for the first photos,” Caroline said, “if you two want to head into the Red room, I will get Frau Strecher to bring Judith in.”

As they made their way through, the second car arrived, John holding the door as Jo, Abby and Angel got out and walked up the stairs.

“Can we relax now,” Jo said as she came in, and accepted a glass of champagne.

“Once the photos are taken I suspect – and I also suspect Caroline is about to send us in there.”

“How right you are John – Alex is already in there for the photos, but the girls aren’t needed just yet.”

“A best man’s work is never done – see you in there,” John said as he headed in.

“So the photos, and then we have the wedding breakfast,” Angel said.

“Well, early supper, but yes,” Will said as he accepted a glass.

“Something does smell delicious,” Abby said.

“Something sounds amazing,” Angel said as they walked over to look into the grand ballroom.

“Is that Ute Lemper?”

“Is who Ute Lemper,” Doc said as she appeared with Katy and Sands.

“Who is Ute Lemper?”

“Very famous singer – one of the best  Brecht and Weil singers in the world, and obviously singing today,” Abby said as Frau Strecher appeared.

“Ladies, you are required in the Red Drawing Room.”

“Onwards and upwards,” Abby said as they walked off.

"This champagne is exquisite," Willy said as he savored the taste.

"It is indeed," Will took a sip, "just the thing to wet ones whistle so to speak."

"Indeed – ah here they come now.  How was the journey here, Diana?"

“All the better for the arrival,” Diana said as she and Sandy came in with Natasha, “the girls?”

“In with the happy couple and Jack,” Will said, “My lord Bishop, may i introduce you to my friends?  Natasha and Willy, Diana, Sandy, my Lord the Bishop of Ordford and his wife Martha Heller.  May I present Diana, Countess de Ros, Willy and Natasha, Duke and Duchess du Grechy, and Miss Alexandra Richmond.”

“I think for today, we can go with Clive and Martha,” Martha said as they greeted each other.  “Luke is our son.”

“He must be pleased you could be here today,” Diana said as she sipped her champagne.

“Very pleased – and we are proud of him,” Clive said as he looked round.

“Ah – finally,” Mandy said as she walked into the room with Karen and Ken, “now we can relax a little.”

"That champagne looks awfully tempting." Annie smiled as she sat in one of the plush red armchairs.

"I know darling," Kylie smiled, "but just a few more weeks."

"Yes...just a few more weeks." Annie patted her hump.

"By the way have you met my Mother?"


"Alright,” Kylie said, “well Mum this is Annie Kelly, she is Carina's partner. Annie this is Samantha Mitchell."

"Pleased to meet you." Sami shook hands.  As a waiter walked past, she looked at the glasses, but instead said “may I have some coca cola please?”

“Of course, Fraulein,” he said as he walked off, returning a moment later with the glass of dark liquid.

"And you.  So you were invited over as well."

“Well, yes – it was unexpected, but I am glad I came now.”

“Well, I’ll join you in purgatory,” Annie said as she took the second glass.

“So what did you think of the ceremony,” Marina said as she stood with Alexis.

“I cried – I’m not ashamed to admit it,” Alexis said as she saw Janine walk in with Alexis.  “She looks amazing as well.”

“So do you – Juliette must be rubbing off on you,” Marina said with a smile.

“Well, not all of us have access to the seamstress army of Catherine Lo.”

“That is true – but that will not be for very much longer,” Marina said as she sipped from her glass.  “Who is that coming in with Jeanne?”

“I’m not sure – but they look similar.  Could it be...”

“Hello Henri?”

As he turned round, Henri smiled and said “Celeste – you are looking well.”

“And you – and this must be your new partner.”

She watched as the tall woman turned slowly, smiling under the hat as she said “Hello again Celeste.”

“You have met?”

“This young lady accompanied Jeanne when we had lunch earlier in the week.  I am glad she did – I was willing to believe the worst, but I see she is the right person for you, Henri.”

“It is – very good of you to say that, Celeste.”

“Celeste?  You are looking well.”

“And you Diana,” Celeste said as the two old friends kissed each other on the cheek, and they walked off.

“Thank you,” Ally said as she and Nell accepted a glass of champagne, and looked round as they stood with their parents.

"Trust the twins to all but steal the show," Bobbi said as she drank slowly.

"I just wonder where they got those outfits from," Judy shook her head, "I thought I looked amazing till I saw them."

"I think every girl who knows them got jealous." Becca took a glass from a waiter.

"Well I think we ALL looked incredible." Pepsi looked round happily, as Jack and she joined the conversation.

"And I will agree with that." Jack laughed lightly, "I don't think I've ever seen so many well-dressed women in one place in my life."

"Not even at Royal Ascot?" Sarah asked as she came by on Tony Camp's arm.

"Not even there."

“I agree,” Holly said as she came over.  “Today, there are ten women who outshine all of us anyway.”

“Wow – can we have a drink Pops,” Vicky said as she looked round the room.

“All right – one drink, and that is all,” Dave said, “and you boys as well.”

“There you go,” Mary said as she was handed a glass.  “Hey Sharon – how has your day been?”

“Busy – but I’m off the clock now.  How did you enjoy the ceremony, Dad?”

“Very moving,” Alan Kennedy said as he stood with Dave.

“Alan – did i see you talking to David McIlroy earlier?”

“Strictly social Roy, I assure you,” Alan said as he greeted the broker.

"Do you think they signed a pre-nup?" Roy Razinski threw the question out as he took a glass.

"Probably...but can you think that they'll ever need to invoke it?" Alan answered.

"How happy they looked then no." Roy grinned. "By the way I'm not sure..."

"Oh this is Dave Clarke...and not the old drummer...he's Mary Clarke's dad."

"Nice to meet you Dave," Roy extended a hand, "and these beautiful ladies are?"

"My three youngest girls...and all these people are making them a little shy."

"Well why don't I take them and introduce them to a few people?" Tonia Razinski asked.

"Would ya like that girls?" Dave asked.  He watched as they nodded, before Tonia said “come with me girls – let me introduce you to some of the others.”

“They’ll be all right Pops,” Mary said as she stood with David.  “We’ll keep an eye out for them as well.”

"Dad,” Pepsi whispered as she looked at her father, “if you look at that thing one more time I swear I'll kick you."

"If I don't beat you to it Pepsi love."

"Look,” Grant said, “it's getting time to walk him over to the saddling ring."

"And Toddy knows just what he is doing,” April said, “so let the poor man do his job."

"Frau Strecher will call us when the feed starts on the computer." Jack looked at his watch, "she has a big screen set up in the billiard room so whoever wants to watch can."

“And George said he would call if there were any problems – has he called?”


“So have a glass of champagne,” April said as she handed her husband one in one hand, and took his tablet with the other, handing it to Pepsi who handed it to Jack.

In the Red Drawing Room, Luke walked slowly round, running his hand over the drapes as Jack stood Juliette and Klaus, turned slightly side by side as he picked up the camera to take a picture.

“Look at me – that’s great...  You know, all that red velvet makes an amazing backdrop Luke," Jack smiled contentedly as he changed cameras.

"Well they may call this a townhouse,” Luke said, “but it is in fact a small city palace, and this is almost like a throne room."

"I know...”  Jack looked at the girls and said “Tony Snowden and Patrick Lichfield both told me what shooting British Royal Wedding photos was like...I am beginning to understand what they were getting at."

“Good models to pick from,” John said as he stood with Alex.

"Okay can I have Judith and pages sitting on the bottom step of the dais, then the girls on the steps above, amd you Klaus and Juliette standing at the top please?"

"Like this Unca Jack?" Judith called out as she plopped herself down.

"Perfect little one."

Sands, Katy, Carina and Doc stood on the second step, Abby, Angel, Jo and Ingrid behind them, before Klaus and Juliette moved behind them.  Jack fussed over them for a few moments as Pat came in and stood with Luke.

“No mascara smudges?”

“Nah – we just needed to wipe some milk from Judith’s mouth and fix her lip gloss,” Luke said as Jack took the picture.

“Okay – girls, we are done until the rest of the family photos.  Luke – time for the rest of the men to come in.”

“Give me a minute,” he said as he walked out to where the guests were gathering.

"Ushers would you kindly step in so we can take some pictures please?" he called out into the room.

"Are you sure that House won't crack the Lens," Tony McNally called out.

"We are taking that risk."

"With friends like this who needs enemies," Winston snorted, and then smiled as he joined the others.

“Have you found a suitable place at the table for the Bishop and Martha Frau Strecher?" Mandy asked as they stood in the entrance to the Grand Ballroom.

"We can fit them in...” Frau Stecher looked on as some adjustments were made.  “I calculated there might be one or two last minute guests."

"Very efficient...and Thank You."

"Well,” she said with a smile, “an extra bishop and his wife with all these other distinguished guests is not hard to accommodate."

"Frau Strecher what would we have ever done without you?" Caroline asked.

"You would have coped,” she said quietly, “Princess Sigrid would have stepped into my shoes."

"Baroness Sigrid darling", Mandy corrected with a little chuckle.

"To me she will always be the Princess."

"So was it you who arranged for them to come today, Mandy?"

"It was Caroline darling, we always try and retain reasonably good relations between the Bishops Palace and us out at the castle.  And besides, it gives them a chance to see Jack’s world is more than what they perceive it to be."

“Erica, Poppy, can i ask you two a favour?”

“Sure Tonia,” Poppy said, “what is it?”

“I’d like you to meet Suzie, Vicky and Alison Clarke – their big sister is Mary Clarke?”

“Oh yeah – hey there,” Poppy said.  “I’m Poppy Ashley, and this is my friend Erica Burton.  What did you think of the ceremony?”

“It was beautiful,” Suzie said, “so do you know the bride and groom?”

“More the bride,” Erica said, “Poppy’s mom is about to become her boss, and my mom is a social friend.”

“Listen, can I get you two to take the girls under your wing, introduce them to some of the others here?”

“Sure – let’s start with these two.  Ama, Maisha, come and meet Suzie, Vicky and Alison.”

“Hello,” Ama said as they came over, “did I hear you say they are Mary’s sisters Tonia?”

“That I did – Ama’s mother is Caroline Jameson.  You may have seen her walking around, but she’s also...”

“The other model from the fur shoot,” Vicky said.  “She’s really your mom?”

“My adopted mother,” Ama said with a smile.  “So, why don’t we all go and have a drink and then we can talk.”

“Chet,” George said as he waved his friend over, “come and meet Tom and Bobby Clarke.  Boys, this is Chet van Roon, and his friend H.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Chet said as they shook hands, “so you’re Mary’s brothers?”

“Two of them – David is over there with our pops,” Tom said.  “This is some do?”

“It is indeed – and I think it’s about to get even better...”
Reception - part 1
After a wedding comes the return and the photos...
The Townhouse

“I have done all I can do,” Alice said as she stood back with Duncan, “it’s all down to you ladies now.”

Carina and Ingrid smiled as they helped place the veil over their mother’s face, then turned as they heard the knock on the door.

“Oh my,” Alex said as he came in, “Alice, you are a true miracle worker.”

“Ain’t I just?”

“Frau MacKinnon, Herr MacKinnon – it is time.”

“See you at the cathedral,” Duncan said as the three of them set off.

“Carina, Ingrid, Abigail, Joanne – you and Judith are going in the first carriage.”

“Ready to go, Judith?”

“Yes Momma,” the little girl said as she put her gloved hand in her mothers, and the five of them walked out.

Outside the gates of the townhouse, the paparazzi tried to take photographs as the staff lined the covered walkway to the first horse drawn carriage.  The view was obscured as much as possible, however, as security staff roamed around the area.

“Well, it’s really happening,” Jo said as they took their seats.

“Ponies momma!  Exciting!”

“Yes it is,” Carina said with a smile as they moved forward, and then stopped.

“Angelica, Anna, Alexandra, Katherine – you’re next.”

“See you on the flip side,” Angel said as the four of them walked out, leaving Alex with Juliette.

“Well,” Juliette said quietly as she held her bouquet, “no turning back now.”

“Would you want to?”

Shaking her head quietly, she said “no – no I would not?”


As Juliette looked past Alex, she caught a glimpse of Lexa – and standing with her was a tall, willowy blonde who smiled and nodded as she looked at Juliette.

“Did you say something, Juliette?”

“No – no I didn’t, but there is nothing left to say now,” Juliette said with a smile, “except I do.  Shall we?”

“It is my honour and pleasure to do so,” Alex said as he offered Juliette his arm, and they walked out of the room, along the corridor and out of the front door.  As they made their way out to the carriage, the staff applauded on either side of them, as the driver held the coach door open.  Juliette carefully walked up the steps and took her seat, Alex waiting as a footman carefully gathered the skirt before he got in beside her.

The doors to the coach were closed, the darkened glass providing the last sense of security, as the coachman got into the driver’s seat and waited for the signal to go.

2 pm CET
The Frauenkirche

"Why did Prince Adalbert smell like mothballs?" House asked as he arrived back at the cathedral entrance.

"Because my dear uncle’s morning suit is so old that he inherited it from my grandfather, and he has been dead for over 30 years," Ingemar shook his head.

"Explains the mothballs then," House smiled, "Ah here comes the love of my life," he grinned as Jeannie was lifted into her wheel chair. She was wearing a cream coloured dress with a wide skirt, while Barbara was wearing a black coat dress with white trim, white gloves and shoes, and a white hat with a black band.  John was in his best suit, as he pushed Jeannie up the ramp and into the cathedral.

“Hey handsome,” Jeannie said as House leaned over to kiss her, “where can I get a seat?”

“This way,” he said as Marcus and Tommy looked to the next car.

“Oh my lord,” Marcus said, “who are those visions of beauty?”

“Hmmm – ah,” Tommy said, “I see the Rochermann family have arrived.”

“Well, nice day for a wedding,” Ally said as she put on her wide brimmed hat.

“Most certainly,” Nell said with a smile as they started to walk up the steps.  Both were wearing white knee length dresses with a yellow floral pattern printed on them, cream coloured jackets and hats, and white heels.

Kelly was wearing a gold coloured shift dress with a white belt and jacket, with gold slippers, while Daniel walked behind them with quiet pride.

“Ladies,” Tommy said as they came in, “if you will come with me?”

“And that is the designer of the dresses, Alice MacKinnon, arriving now with her husband Duncan,” Jeanne said as the chauffer let out the three passengers, Frau Strecher walking up to join Sigi as Caroline looked round, Sharon nearby and watching as well.


“First Carriage should be here in a few minutes,” Alice said as she looked across the square, “the second right behind it, and then the star of the show.”

“Sharon, inform the clergy inside the bridal party are on their way,” Caroline said, the young girl walking quickly up the stairs as the sound of hooves became clearer.

“Ready boys,” Sigi said to Rudi and Manfred, who nodded as they came up to her in their tail coats.

“Here they come,” Alice said as the first horse drawn carriage approached.

“Lara, we can see the first of the carriages approaching now,” Robin said as the television crews turned and followed the coach as it came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs.

Inside the cathedral, the guests watched as Klaus and John came in through a side door, the rest of his party taking up their positions at the side behind them.

“Last chance to run,” John whispered to Klaus.

“No – I am ready,” Klaus said with a smile.

“And the door to the carriage is opening, the stairs put in place,” Jeanne said, “and the first out is...  It’s Carina Huntingdown von Furstenheim, and we get our first look at the bridesmaid’s dresses.

“It’s made from light blue Chinese silk, and is held up by thin shoulder straps, a square neckline – and attached at the back is a train of silk overlaid with Belgian lace.  The bodice is fitted, and flows out in the dress, with long opera gloves and satin heels.

“I can see Ingrid von Furstenheim getting out now – and there is Judith, Carina’s daughter and the youngest bridesmaid.  Her dress has short puffed sleeves, and a white lace underskirt, and she is wearing short white lace gloves.

“Look at all the people momma,” Judith said as she held Carina’s hand.

“Yes there are a lot, and they’re here to see all of us,” Carina said as Abigail and Joanne got out, the coach driver closing the doors.

“Each of the bridesmaids,” Lara said at the Good Morning America stand, “is carrying a small posy of white flowers, and just look at the tiaras each of them is wearing.”

“We’ve just been handed some details,” Robin said, “apparently the tiaras are made of white gold and encrusted with diamonds, and the gold bracelets are made to match as well.”

“Wonderful,” Alice said as she made a few adjustments, “you five head up the stairs now, the second coach will be here soon.”

“And walking up the stairs now,” Robert Lacey said, “five of the bridesmaids, and I must say their dresses are amazing.  And now the second carriage approaches...”

As it stopped and the stairs were put out, the doors were opened to allow Angel to get out first, followed by Doc.  They stood to the side as Sands and Katy got out as well.

“Fuck – I really cannot see her,” he said at the far side of the square, hidden by the crowd as Katy looked round.

“So we have the second half of the bridesmaids here – Lady Angelica Fitzstuart, Anna Carlton, Alexandra Richmond junior and Katherine Carter.  Both Alexandra and Katherine are wearing the same style of dress as Judith, while Angelica and Anna have the same style as the older bridesmaids.”

“At least the sun is shining,” Katy said to Sands as Alice made a slight adjustment.

“Right – all four of you, up the stairs now and you will be got into position.”

As they walked up, Jeanne said “and as they head up, and the two pages walk down, we await the arrival of the bride to be...  I have to take my seat at this point, so I’m going to let you watch in the company of Karen Hope.”

As she took her headset off, Jack Linklater stopped her for a moment and let her have a look at his camera, Jeanne smiling as she made her way in.

“Better than the last time you took this journey,” Alex said as he sat next to Juliette, watching the crowds waving as the coach made its way slowly to the cathedral.

“Much, much better,” Juliette said as she looked out of the darkened windows.  “It’s like a dream come true.”

“And you are the fairy princess?”

“Would it sound awful if I said I really feel that way?”

Alex shook his head as the coach approached the front of the cathedral.  “Well, here we go,” he said as he lifted the veil a moment, and kissed Juliette gently on the cheek.

"Who is that arriving late?" Klaus asked nervously.

"I will give you one guess," John replied without even looking.

"Joan Collins."

"And give this gentleman a prize."

"How does she ALWAYS manage to arrive just at the time she is going to create maximum fuss?"

"It's a talent," John smiled. "Probably comes from having a father who was an agent, Joan is always trying to extract publicity from anywhere she goes."

"Remind me that I need to have a word."

"Oh don't worry Klaus, I have the perfect revenge in mind...a photograph of Joan without her makeup on."

"Oh that is CRUEL!" the Prince laughed aloud, his nerves settling slightly.

Antonio suddenly turned and whispered "Can you be in Prague on Wednesday? I am taking pictures for French Vogue Mary."

"Well I'm certainly free I think," Mary paused, "but you better have some words with Missy."

"Ah the redoubtable Miss Auerbach!" the photographer smiled, "I will see her later and simply tell her that I must have you..."

"What?" Dave who'd been looking at the other guests suddenly asked.

"He means for a shoot next week Pops," Mary giggled lightly, "we may have to stay in Europe a couple of days extra and go to Prague...But it depends on Missy okaying it."

"Wow we get to Prague as well," David asked, "I read some Kafka in school this year."

"Who the hell is Kafka?"

"Pop sometimes you disappoint me." David shook his head.

"A famous Czech author Mr Clarke." Antonio smiled, "and I only know that from reading a guide book."

“This is it,” Lara said as she looked to the waiting coach, as Alice waited with the two pages.  The coach driver got down and placed the steps at the side, before he opened the door.

“First out of the carriage, Father Alex Richmond, who has the honour of giving Juliette away at the ceremony today,” she whispered as they all waited.  “And as we wait for her to come out, I have just been told that a portrait by the official photographer, Jack Linklater, has been released to the press as...  and here she comes!”

The media watched with bated breath as Juliette stepped slowly down from the coach, Alex holding her hand as Alice helped the two young boys with the train.  

As Lara looked at the photograph and sheet handed to her, she said “the dress itself is, like those of the bridesmaids, made from Chinese silk but for Juliette, and quite rightly, it is pure white.  The dress has long sleeves, and she is wearing marching gloves on her hands.  The upper part of the dress has a square collar, and is decorated with an over layer of the same Belgian lace as her veil.  The skirt itself is layered, again with an underskirt of the lace, and she is apparently wearing silk heels.

“The train itself is also of silk, and holding it now as she walks up the stairs are the two young pages, the sons of Baroness Sigrid van Mannschen, the sister of the groom.  The lace veil comes down to the train as well, but I can see the tiara on her hair, and the now famous engagement ring on her finger.”

As they reached the top of the stairs, Sigi followed, handing the bouquet to Juliette as Alice made some small adjustments to the train.

“You look fantastic – and I need to get to my seat.”

“So do I and Sharon,” Caroline said as she looked at her, “good luck.”

“Thanks,” Juliette whispered as Cardinal Marx appeared with his staff.

“Well Juliette – ready?”


“Good – then let us begin...”

The congregation had been talking quietly, but fell silent as the crowd watched the priest walk forward and whisper into Klaus’ ear.  As he stood and walked forward with John, the rest of the church stood up, turning to watch the far end of the aisle.

“Showtime,” Juliette whispered as the organ started to play the Trumpet Voluntary, and the altar boy stepped forward, carrying the cross as Cardinal Marx walked behind him, and then the ministers and servers.

“And off we go,” Alex said as she and Juliette started to walk down the aisle, Rudi and Manfred walking behind with the train in their hands.

As they walked down, Juliette turned her head from side to side and smiled, seeing the huge smiles on the faces of Sandy and Diana as they stood with little George, Orlanda and Jennifer, Guy and Valeria, and Natasha with Alain in her arms.

“Good lord Bats – you really outdid yourself,” Karen whispered into Alice’s ear as the girls walked past, Carina and Ingrid beaming as they led the last part of the procession down.  

Judith walked with Katy and Sands, beaming and waving as she did so, before she stood with them before the altar, as Cardinal Marx turned and made the sign of the cross.

“Welcome to all of you, who are gathered here today to see the joining of Klaus and Juliette in Holy Matrimony.  Peace be with you.”

“And also with you,” the congregation replied as the music started, House and Tommy taking the lead in handing orders of service to the wedding party.

Once the Gloriana had been sung, Cardinal Marx said “Let us pray.

“Be attentive to our prayers. 0 Lord,
and in your kindness
pour out your grace on these your servants, Klaus and Juliette,
that. corning together before your altar,
they may be confirmed in love for one another.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ. your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

“We ask you this
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.”

As the congregation responded, Cardinal Marx said “please be seated for the Liturgy of the Word.”

As the rest of the congregation sat, the readings were given, as Katy and Sands held Judith’s hands.  Cardinal Marx then said “Klaus, Juliette, I hope you will forgive me if I take a few moments to share some thoughts.

“Marriage is an institution created by God to allow man and woman to live together and become one, and ultimately to allow children to come into this world.  In the case of both of you, you already have children, and indeed grandchildren, so if you will forgive the levity, I think we can pass over that part.”

Annie smiled as there was a ripple of laughter among the congregation, as she felt her bump and then looked at Ama.

“But the truth is still this – that marriage allows a man and a woman to join and be one in the sight of god and of man, And so as you come together on this day, I charge you both to remember that, and to cherish the joy that children bring to a relationship.”

Carina turned and smiled at Judith, who smiled back as Cardinal Marx said “I say no more than this, and ask the congregation now to stand.”

As they all stood, he continued “My dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. He has already consecrated you in baptism and now he enriches and strengthens you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity. And so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to state your intentions.

“Who gives this woman away?”

“I do,” Alex said as he bowed slightly, and then stepped back.

“Klaus and Juliette, you come here voluntarily with hearts prepared, to receive each other in marriage?”

“Yes.” They said together as they looked at each other.

“Will you love each other, respect, and be loyal to one another until death separates you?”


“Are you ready to fulfil your obligation to raise your children and grandchildren as Christian parents should?”


“Since it is your intention to enter into marriage,” the cardinal said as he took their hand, “join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church.”

Klaus took Juliette’s right hand in his and said “I take you, Juliette, to be my wife. I promise to be loyal to you in good and bad days, in health and illness, to love and respect, until death separates us.”

He saw Juliette smile under the veil as she said “I take you, Klaus, to be my husband. I promise to be loyal to you in good and bad days, in health and illness, to love and respect, until death separates us.”

“You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings.

What God has joined, men must not divide.”


“Who has the rings?”

“I do,” John said as he removed the rings and placed them on the bible.

“Lord, bless these rings which we bless in your name.
Grant that those who wear them
may always have a deep faith in each other.
May they do your will
and always live together
in peace, good will, and love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.”


Klaus smiled as he moved Juliette’s engagement ring to her left hand, and then placed the plain gold ring on her finger.

“Juliette, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Juliette than took the second ring and, after removing the ring from his hand and moving it to his left hand, said “Klaus, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

“Having exchanged their vows and rings,” Cardinal Marx said, “I now make one suggestion to you.

“You may kiss the bride.”

“With extreme pleasure,” Klaus said as he lifted the veil back, and the two kissed, to a round of applause from the congregation.

"I think that makes it official that we are twins?" Carina whispered to Ingrid.

"Yes it does," her sister smiled back.

After the communion preparation was completed, and prayers were said, Klaus and Juliette knelt at the altar, as Cardinal Marx said “Let us humbly invoke by our prayers, dear brothers and sisters,
God's blessing upon this bride and groom,
that in his kindness he may favor with his help
those on whom he has bestowed the Sacrament of Matrimony.”

There was a few moments silence, before he continued with his hands extended over them

“Holy Father, maker of the whole world,
who created man and woman in your own image
and willed that their union be crowned with your blessing,
we humbly beseech you for these your servants,
who are joined today in the Sacrament of Matrimony.
May your abundant blessing, Lord,
come down upon this bride, Juliette,
and upon Klaus, her companion for life,
and may the power of your Holy Spirit
set their hearts aflame from on high,
so that, living out together the gift of Matrimony,
they may enrich the Church.
In happiness may they praise you, O Lord,
in sorrow may they seek you out;
may they have the joy of your presence
to assist them in their toil,
and know that you are near
to comfort them in their need;
let them pray to you in the holy assembly
and bear witness to you in the world,
and after a happy old age,
together with the circle of friends that surrounds them,
may they come to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Through Christ our Lord.”

The congregation said “Amen” as Klaus and Juliette stood, before Cardinal Marx said “let us share the sign of peace.”

Klaus and Juliette looked at each other, and then turned to share the sign with their supporters as the congregation greeted each other.

Klaus and Juliette then knelt again as the bread was broken, and the Cardinal gave them the sacraments, before they stood and made their way to two chairs at the side as others came forward.

“Nearly over Mrs von Furstenheim,” Klaus whispered as Juliette smiled, watching as their friends and guests walked forward.  And as they came forward, a solo singer performed some songs by Shubert.

As the last went back, Klaus and Juliette came forward and knelt again, as Cardinal Marx put his hands over them again.

“May God the eternal Father
keep you of one heart in love for one another,
that the peace of Christ may dwell in you
and abide always in your home.”

The congregation said “amen” in response.

“May you be blessed in your children and grandchildren,
have solace in your friends
and enjoy true peace with everyone.”


“May you be witnesses in the world to God's charity,
so that the afflicted and needy who have known your kindness
may one day receive you thankfully
into the eternal dwelling of God.”


Making the sign of the cross, he said “And may almighty God bless all of you, who are gathered here, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

As the congregation said “amen,” Klaus and Juliette stood.

“Go in peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”


As the strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March started to play, Klaus took Juliette by her hand and they walked up the aisle, the guests smiling at them as John escorted Carina, and Adam Ingrid.

“May I have the honour,” Willy said as he took Abby’s arm, and Alex took Jo’s.

As Will took Angel’s arm, and George Doc’s, Rudi and Manfred escorted Sands and Katy out.

“Ready, my little angel?”

“Yes unca Deeter,” Judith said as she took his hand, and they walked down in front of Cardinal Marx and the other servers.

“Sandy, my dear,” Diana said quietly, “are you crying?”

“What do you think,” Sandy said as Juliette turned and mouthed “thank you” to them as they passed.  She put her handkerchief to her eye, and then smiled as Sands walked past on Rudi’s arm.

“She has somehow turned overnight into a very beautiful young woman,” Nessa said as she wiped her own eye, holding David’s hand as she did so.

“And Abigail is radiant,” Valeria said as she and Guy watched her walk past with Willy, Alain waving his little arm at his father and cousin.

“Yes – yes she is,” Diana said as Sandy handed her a handkerchief as well.

“Are you all right Shirley,” Emma said as John and Carina went past.

“Oh yes – yes I’m fine,” Shirley said quietly as she smiled, Maddie taking her arm.

“They look simply divine darlings,” Kylie said as she wiped away a tear, “and I love the way Alice incorporated the design I gave into the dresses.”

“I agree,” Marina said as she saw Samantha cry.  “Tissue?”

“Please,” Kylie’s mother said as she took one and dabbed her eyes.

“They look so beautiful,” Alison said as the wedding party walked past.

"Well I can't promise you girls as grand a wedding when you get married, but that'll always be my idea of just what a ceremony should be." Dave Clarke stood up.

"Indeed Mr Clarke, that was so moving," Antonio wiped away a tear, "I could not have done better if I'd done it myself."

"Oh My God, the Maestro saying he couldn't improve something, and me without a recorder," Pat shook her head.

“I do know when I am in the presence of greatness, Patricia,” Antonio said, “and today I am.”

"Everything still looking good outside?" Caroline whispered into her mike.

"As far as we can tell boss," a voice whispered in her earpiece, "a lot of champagne corks going off among the Furstenheim tenantry, and the media are ready."

"Okay, well just keep an eye open all of you.  The wedding party will be emerging soon, and the media crews can take their pictures before Jack gets to work."

“Roger that boss,” the voice said as Caroline turned to Sharon.

“Frau Strecher is going to congratulate the couple, and then she is heading back to the townhouse.  Go with her, make sure everything is ready at that end.”

“Got it boss,” Sharon said as Alan Kennedy bowed his head while the others passed.  “Dad, I’ll see you at the reception, all right?”

“Go on – this is your job now,” Alan said as she turned and slipped quietly out of the pew.

“And here they come out of the cathedral,” Philip Schofield said as the wedding party appeared at the top of the stairs, the camera zooming to capture the group as they lined up.  “Their Serene Highnesses smiling and waving as the press finally get a chance to take some photos of the happy couple together.”

“Happy Darling,” Klaus whispered as they waved.

“More than you will ever know,” Juliette whispered back as Judith walked over and held her hands up.

“Allow me,” Klaus said as he reached down and lifted her up, Judith turning and waving as Carina and Judith stood with them.

"The acoustics are incredible," Judy smiled as the organist continued to play.

"So it’s an organ you'd like to play eh?" David asked.

"I love European organs," Judy caught the look in Rachel McNally's eye.

"You get such a great full..."

"Hmmm Hmmm."

"I was going to say sound Mother, and shame on you for having a dirty mind," Judy giggled.

“Who, moi,” Rachel said as she smiled.

“Yes you,” Liz Lodge said.  “And don’t pretend you didn’t think it as well, Claire.”

"So Valeria who is this woman really?" one of her Romanov relations asked as they prepared to leave.

"Well,” Valeria said, “she's the woman Klaus loves with all his heart."

"I know that, but where does she come from?"

"That sounds wrong in these modern times, but Count Buchenwald has done the research, and she comes from a very old American Puritan family..."

"But she's a Roman Catholic?"

"Twentieth century converts," Valeria smiled, "anyway they are solid, respectable merchants mainly, with the odd flash of genius like her aunt the criminologist, and her ancestor the Civil War General. They may not quite be Boston aristocracy, but they are that by choice I think rather than anything else, having preferred life in their small towns above city life."

"So it's an old family by American standards."

"Oh Yes," Valeria smiled, "judged against our standards young perhaps, but we cannot allow that to act as a guide to our acceptance of her."

"As if we would?" a couple of her VERY snobbish cousins answered.

“Now THA’ was a wedding,” Fiona MacKenzie said as she slowly stood up with Mary, and then they both looked at Missy.

“What,” the agent said as she looked up.

"We should throttle you Missy." Mary Thomas growled.

“What for?”

"Doing business during a wedding." Mary shook her head whilst her friend put away her hand-held.

"It was only Antonio Bell wanting to book Mary Clarke for next week."

"As we" Fiona shook her head as well.

"You know your dying words will be, 'send me a firm booking for her' Missy, I guarantee it." Anna joined in the shaking of heads.

"Well anyway, she looked amazing didn't she?"

"Stop trying to change the topic of conversation Missy."  Mary smiled as she said “but yes – she looked amazing.”

“She certainly did,” Denice said as she and Erica stood up behind them.  “I suspect the press are going to have their pictures of them on the front pages tomorrow.”

“Well, let’s head out and get our pictures,” Mary said as they joined the groups moving out.

"Well Madame does this trigger any thoughts regarding you and John?" Lily whispered in her boss’ ear.

“I do not think that has changed, Lilian – John and I are happy the way we are, and that is not going to change in the foreseeable future.  If you want to see a couple marrying amongst us soon, look over there.”

Lily looked at where Penny and Helen were talking, before she said “no – they’re not are they?”

“Who can tell,” Shirley said, “who can tell...”

"So it was you who designed that motif combining the letters H and F and the flowers darlin'?" Sami asked her daughter as they awaited their turns to exit.

"It was Mother darling,” Kylie said with a smile, “and if I say so it worked rather well embroidered in like that."

"Where did she find that antique lace?" Marina asked, "I've never so much beautiful old lace."

"It was actually Heather Smith who found it for her - at a furniture restorer’s workshop of all places." Kylie answered.

"Heather found it?" Catherine asked.

"It was in an old chest the restorer had bought at an estate sale."

"Well it just shows you that treasures can turn up anywhere."

"How much did they cry John?" Winston asked as he found the family talking with the Judge and her partner.

"Not as much as Brooke Hutton did," Barbara smiled.

"I can't help it...I always cry at weddings."

“There you go,” the tall dark haired woman said as she passed Brooke a silk handkerchief.

“Thank you,” Brooke said as she wiped the tears away.  “Winston, allow em to introduce Nora Austen.  Nora, Winston Brewster the Third.”

“I interned with your grandfather,” Nora said as she shook Winston’s hand, “how is college?”

“Going well, thank you.”

“Well Bestie, how do you feel?”

“As if I could face anything,” Sands said with a smile as she waved to the cheering crowds.  “This has been one of the best days of my life.”

She looked over as Holly left with Tommy and smiled, Katy shaking her head as she smiled and posed.

He had worked his way closer and he could see her now, standing with the other bridesmaids smiling and laughing a little.  She was laughing at him, he knew it inside.

He would wipe that smile off her face, deliberately ensuring he wouldn't be close enough to see her arrive. He knew inside that she was doing these things to tease him, to encourage him. Well one day soon she would get just what she wanted.  And he would be the one to do it.

He saw her in his mind’s eye now, pleading for him to satisfy her.  It would be so good, and she would enjoy it so much.  All he had to was head home early, and get things ready...

“All right girls,” Jack said as Luke checked the lighting, “can you form up round Juliette while I take a group photo?”

“Come here baby,” Carina said as she took Judith’s hand, the little girl standing with her and grinning as Jack snapped away.

“Congratulations Klaus,” George said as they shook hands, “how does it feel to be married again?”

“It feels right,” Klaus said as they watched Jack at work.  “How are you feeling?  I know the anniversary is coming up.”

“I’m fine – Jennifer is walking now, and we’re going to go to her grandmother’s for the weekend.  Give her a chance to visit them there this year.  You?”

“We won’t be back by then – we’re coming back via Paris, so that Juliette can help Olivia out with an advert shoot.”
My problem when I was a teenager and young adult was actually quite simple – people kept trying to kidnap me for one reason or another.  For a period of three years, between 1981 and 1984, I was kidnapped every few weeks – and all because I happened to be announced as the heiress to a fortune without anyone bothering to tell me first!

My name’s Tina – and when I was eighteen, I was a senior just finishing high school in 1981.   I certainly wasn’t a cheerleader kind of girl – I stood then about five foot seven,  with unruly curly dark brown hair, and my sense of dress style was not sophisticated – I was very much a jumper and jeans or skirt girl.  My one real indulgence was I liked to wear boots – and that was because I found them comfortable rather than any fashion aesthetic.

I mean – take the first time someone tried to kidnap me.  July 4th 1981 – my family were staying with another one out in the Hamptons, but it was an unseasonably cool day, so I had to wear something warm with the intention of joining them at the fireworks.  I had this designer jumper – dark blue upper half with white stars, red and white stripes on the bottom half – which I put on over a white polo shirt, then added a knee length light blue skirt, red tights and knee length red suede boots.

Yeah yeah – red, white and blue.  I had just turned eighteen, and Ronnie was in the White House – we were a very patriotic country then.  Anyway, I grabbed my purse, left the house, locked the door, and started to walk down the street   There was a gentle breeze blowing in my face, and I waved to a few of the neighbours as I walked along the sidewalk.  I didn’t even notice the blue panel van until I was alongside it – and then what got my attention was the sweet smelling fumes that suddenly filled my nose and mouth as a cloth was clamped over them.

My recollection is that the shock of the event made me open my eyes wide and breathe in – which, as hindsight has taught me, was the worst possible thing to do, as I breathed it the fumes, and suddenly felt very, very sleepy.  As my eyes closed, I was aware of someone holding me, but that was it as I fell into a deep sleep.

When I started to wake up, my arms felt very stiff and strange, and I felt as if I had eaten a cushion or something – my mouth tasted of cloth, and something was pressing on my cheeks.

When my eyes finally agreed to open, I looked down to see my legs stretched out in front of me – and two bands of white rope, holding them together at my ankles and just below my knees, but very visible over the red.

I looked at them, and whispered “what the...”  Only, what I heard was “Whththh,” and also felt something rub on my lips as I said this.  Which was the moment I realised the reason my mouth tasted as if a cloth was in it was because a cloth was in it – tied between my teeth and around my head.

So, legs tied, a cloth tied round my head – I felt with my fingers and felt the band of rope round my wrists, and realised why my arms felt so funny.  MY wrists were tied together behind my back, and I could now see a length of rope around my waist as well.

So, tied up and gagged – I had been kidnapped.  Kidnapped?  On Independence Day?   I have to confess, my initial thought wasn’t fear, or wondering who did that – those thoughts came later.

My first thought was actually “bummer – I’ll miss the fireworks.”

Then came the idea of who would do this, as I tried to free myself and shouted out “HLPPPP!!  SMBDEHLPMMMMM!”

“Save your breath girly – nobody is going to hear you anyway.”

I looked to the side to see two men sitting wither side of a table, casually dressed, drinking beer from bottles.  “Just keep still and don’t struggle,” the other guy said, “we’ve told your parents what we want – once they deliver, we send you back.”


“Oh you know,” one of them said as he walked over and pushed my hair back, “you know.”

Well, I didn’t know, but no amount of shaking my head seemed to convince them – they just laughed and went back to the table, laughing as they took another drink from their bottles and playing a game of cards.

I just had to sit there, wondering what was going on – until there was a knock on the door .  I could only watch as one of the men got up, walked over, opened the door – and then was pushed back into the room as two armed police officers ran in and held them at gunpoint.

A third one came in and came over to me, untying the rag and taking it from my mouth.  I could see the dark stain in the middle as I coughed, and said “thank you.”

“The stupid idiot didn’t see us following him after he dropped off the ransom demand, Tina,” he said as he untied me and helped me up.  There was an ambulance outside, and I was taken to hospital, then allowed to go home.  When I asked my parents why this had happened to me, they said the two men had mistaken for somebody else with the same name, and snatched me instead.

Well, I accepted the answer at the time, but I guess I started to begin to wonder why it happened.  Apart from that, things returned to normal, and in August I went to college in New York, living in a flat with two other girls.

After the turn of the year, things seemed to have settled down, and I was enjoying life as a freshman student.  Then it was February 14th – Valentine’s Day.  My two flatmates had dates, I didn’t, so I watched as they went out of the house, and settled down for a quiet night in.

It was February in New York, and it was cold, so I had on a brown checked jumper over a white blouse with a peter pan collar, and a knee length brown puffball skirt.  I also had on what were becoming my favourite boots at the time – they were knee length, with an olive brown cloth leg, brown leather shoe, and a three diamond brown leather inlay on each side of the leg.

I was just getting comfy on an old brown leather couch we had in the apartment, with my legs stretched out in front of me, when I heard the knock on the door.  I hadn’t ordered dinner, so I figured it was the landlord wanting to check the plumbing for the umpteenth time.  So I put down thaw magazine I was reading, got up and walked over to the door, forgetting for the moment the first rule of apartment living.

Always look through the spyhole to see who it is before you open the door.  If I had, I would have seen the man wearing the balaclava, but – well, you live and learn.  I certainly did when I opened the door and then backed up, my hands in the air as he came in with a gun pointing at me!

He marched me back into the main room, and then ordered me to lies face down on the leather couch.  I really had no choice, as he pulled my hands behind my back, and used some sort of thin cord to bind my wrists together.  When he had done that, I felt my ankles being forced together as he used some more cord to bind them, the thin rope sinking into the brown suede.

He then told me to roll over, and as I did he pressed a length of silver duct tape over my mouth, covering my lips before he started to search the apartment.  Well, I had no idea what he thought he was going to find – we were freshmen for the love of...

He came back in, his eyes blazing with anger as he demanded I tell him where the jewels were.  “Whtjwllss” I mumbled back, as he put the gun to my head and asked me again.  I thought I was for it then – before two of the NYPD’s finest ran in and pointed their guns at him.

He gave himself up, and I was released, but I had to ask myself why he thought I had jewels in my apartment.  This was the Heights, not Park Avenue...

Anyway – nothing really happened for a few months after that.  I completed my freshman year, and got a job up in rural Philadelphia as an intern at a paper for the summer.  Job as an intern?  Well, Mom and Dad sent money for the time.

It was early August when I was asked to go and cover a farm auction out of town.  For this, I decided to wear a green and gold patterned jumper with a brown blouse, a knee length brown corduroy skirt, light blue tights and the boots I had worn that night in the apartment.  The sun was high, so I had on a pair of large sunglasses as well.

The farm in question had fallen on hard times, and the family had moved on – so this was a case of selling up to settle their debts.  Never a nice thing to try and do a story on, but I wanted to be a reporter, and you’ve gotta take the rough with the smooth as my mentor said.

I had to bear that in mind as I walked round some of the barns that were around the farm.  They were so still, so empty and devoid of...

I was going to say life, but that idea was dashed when I was grabbed from behind, and an old rag stuffed into my mouth before I could call out for help.  And the thought that ran through my mind as I was dragged into the barn?

“Oh no, not again.”

So I was dragged into the barn as a man in denims appeared before me.  “You got her – good,” he said as my hands were pulled behind me, and I felt rough twine as it was pulled tightly round my wrists.  “We’ll stash her in that hay until I can get the van round.”

“Whthhllsgnnn” I mumbled into the cloth as I was dragged over to some old straw bales, and thrown back onto them while the other guy lashed my ankles tightly together.  As I wriggled round, the skirt rubbed on the straw – and I had to stop myself from sneezing.

“Nobody’s going to find her there,” he said as the other guy joined him, “let’s go.”  And you know what?  The way they left me, sitting between the bales with my wrists and ankles tied, the chances were nobody would find me.

So there I was, kidnapped again, and still with no real idea why the heck this kept happening!  I tried wriggling to free myself, but the knots they had tied with the twine were too small, and the noise my skirt made...

My glasses fell off eventually, and I looked down at the edge of cloth sticking out of my mouth.  Sticking out of my mouth, with  nothing to hold it in...  Why the heck it took me so long to realise it, I don’t know, but I opened my mouth and used my tongue t push the cloth out, eventually watching it drop to the floor with a very wet thud.

Looking round, I took a moment to catch my breath, wondering how I was going to get out of this one.

“Hey – you playing a game lady.”

I looked up to see the two scouts looking at me from either side.

“Yeah – but the kids who did this to me ran off,” I said with a smile.  “Want to do your good deed and cut me loose?”

“Sure,” the second kid said as he produced a pan knife and cut through the twine.  I stood up, rubbed my ankles and gave them both a kiss, before I walked back and had a quiet word with the county sheriff.

The two guys were caught soon after – turned out they were a couple of local lads, but when the sheriff asked why they did it, they refused to say.  As for me, I filed my story, and went back to my nice quiet summer – still no wiser as to why this kept happening to me.

In my sophomore year, I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with some friends in Boston, and I gladly accepted.  So it was that I sat down for the meal, wearing a gray cardigan over a black dress, and a pair of...

No, not those boots – I had to throw them away after the got marked in those hay bales.  These ones were loose fitting black felt, with a native design brown band round the ankles.

Look – it was the eighties, and believe me, those who say the Seventies was the decade that style forgot are wrong.  The Eighties was fairly bad as well.  Anyway, I sat down for the meal and enjoyed the company, the chatter, and the food.  It really was a chance for us all to give thanks for many things.

So when I went to my room after the meal, I was in a good and mellow mood.  In fact, I felt as if I could face anything at that time.  What I did not have in mind was someone throwing a black cloth hood over my head, and then two people picking me up and carrying me across the room.

I knew it was two – one was holding my legs, and the other had their hands under my armpits.  As to why I didn’t raise the alarm – I had been taken completely by surprise, and by the time I realised calling for help was a good move, I was dumped on a wooden floor and whatever I was sitting on started to move.

As it did so, my wrists were held together in front of me, and I felt some sort of tape being wrapped round them.  When I heard the tearing noise again, and then my ankles been forced together, I hoped they understood that was this pair ruined – and I really liked them as well!

What was worse, they then wrapped rope around my arms and body, forcing them against my sides – which meant the cardigan and dress were going to be ruined as well.  Great.  I supposed at the time they were another pair of nut jobs who thought I had something valuable or my parents were wealthy.

Eventually, whatever I was in stopped, and I was lifted off the ground again.  This time I really did struggle, and I must have hurt one of the people carrying me because they almost dropped me.  Not one of my smartest moves by any way of thinking.

Then I was dropped on a bunch of mattresses – this I know because they pulled the hood off and, once my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see four of them standing and looking at me.  Looking at me with a mixture of confusion and shock.  Eventually, one of them looked at the others and said “you snatched the wrong flaming girl!”

“But she was in the room you told us about,” another said, and I realised they were after my friend, not me.  I was offered her room because the spare room was having some work done, and these bozos must have thought I was her.  

Did I mention her dad was a Navy Admiral?  No?  Well, obviously they wanted him to do something, but snatching someone from that sort of house?  They were asking for real trouble.  

As for me – they put the hood back over my head, and left me there as I heard the door open and close.  There was then the sound of shouting, and the door opened again before the hood was pulled off – this time by a federal agent.

“We found her,” he called out as he took a knife out and cut me free.  They’d been alerted and found me in no time – but this time it wasn’t me they were after.  And yet, as I walked out, one of them looked at me properly and called out “kjo është e saj - trashëgimtari mbretërore!!”

The four of them looked at me and dropped to one knee -  but before I got a chance to ask what was going on, the agents hustled me out.  There was something really strange – and after the holiday week, I went home and asked my parents what was going on.

They just said it was a coincidence, that I was imagining things, but it just kept nagging away at my mind.  Why did I keep ending up in these situations?
In April 1983 I was preparing to attend the church I went to for the Easter Mass on the Sunday.  As I usually did, I was wearing a jumper, skirt and boots – in this case, a light brown jumper with a darker bird motif, a skirt that was gathered a little at the hem below my knees, and baggy black riding boots.

Anyway – I was reading the passage I had been asked to read that morning when I heard a knock on the door.  Well, I’d learned my lesson by then, so I looked out of the door spyhole – and saw Jack, the guy who gave me a lift every week.

So I smiled as I opened the door, grabbing my bag and following him down to his car which was parked outside.  It was only when I got in that he said “sorry, Tina – they forced me to do this.”

“Do what?”

“This,” he said as he looked at me, and then I felt the pin prick in my neck – the pin prick that was followed by immediate deep sleep...

When I woke up, I was lying on a mattress, and as I looked up I saw my arms stretched out above my head, ropes around my wrists to hold them to the top of the bed.

Looking down, I could see the ropes that were also tied round my ankles, then leading to the bottom of the bed.  The ropes allowed me to move a little, but no way was I going to get free.  More to the point, there was some sort of tape pulling at the skin around my mouth, and it was keeping me fairly quiet.

I was actually more worried about where Jack was – so when a voice said “your boyfriend’s safe – we just knocked him out and left him on the sidewalk,” my response of “whdddumkhmdths” was heartfelt.

I looked over at the man standing there – he looked as if he was Greek or from the Med somewhere, and he was tall.  He just looked at me, and then said “relax, your highness, you’ll be home soon.”


“Your royal highness – but relax, when the family pay, you will be released.”

Now I was totally confused – why was he calling your highness?  Those men that Thanksgiving had called me something that sounded like princess – what was going on?

He leaned over and checked the ropes, and then brushed my hair away from my eyes.  “Relax, it can be quite pleasurable like this,” he said as he turned the television on, and left me in the room.

The only thing I could do was watch daytime soaps for a while, and hope I could get something to drink soon.  A few hours later, a masked man came in and released me, before a woman came in and laid a tray of food and a glass of water on the bed after I set up.  Before I could remove the tape from my mouth, I watched as they both walked backwards out of the room, heads bowed.

I pulled what turned out to be brown sticking plaster from my mouth, and took a long drink before I started to eat the burger and fries.  As I swallowed the meat and bun, I picked up the glass and took a drink – but when I put it down again, I saw writing on a piece of paper.  Curious, I picked it up and read the words.

“Duck.  Now.”

I then heard a sound on the door outside, and ducked before it was blown out, and armed men came in.  I wasn’t able to say anything at all as I was pulled out by two of them, and into the open courtyard outside.  I could see the men and woman who had been holding me, kneeling on the ground with armed guards behind them, but I had no idea what the hell they had meant in the way they had looked at and talked to me.

When I got back to my apartment, Mom and Dad were waiting, and after we had hugged each other – and I had hugged Jack – I asked what the hell was going on.

They looked at each other, and then said they would tell me.

And so they did...

The week after my 21st birthday, I was in my apartment, still trying to process what they had told me the previous month.  I was dressed casually, and for once not in a skirt – instead, I was wearing a pair of old blue jeans with a pair of knee length black leather boots over the bottoms.  I still had a sweatshirt on though – a red one with blue upper sleeves and “Colorado Cross Country Trip” on the front, the pan collar of my polo shirt over the top.

Sitting on the floor, I was looking through the papers that told me my ancestry.  My grandparents had fled Albania before the war, and settled here, giving birth to my dad, and I was the next generation.

The next generation of the royal family of Albania – Princess Katiana, but my parents always called me Tina.  Still, they had wanted to keep it secret, given we really did not have any money.  They had always intended to tell me when I was 21, but – well, turns out some of the times I’d been nabbed, trussed and gagged were genuine kidnap attempts, and some plain dumb luck.  Even that Thanksgiving thing was linked – my friend’s dad had served in the Mediterranean.

I stretched and stood up, heading for the kitchen with the intention of making some coffee.  So when I was grabbed from behind, and a knife was pressed to my throat, I sighed and said “now what?”

“Shut up lady,” a man’s voice said, “keep quiet and I won’t hurt you.  Now, bend over that table and put your hands behind your back.”

Like I had a choice?  I did as I was asked, and then felt him tie my wrists together with rope, before he made me stand up and tied my arms to my sides, the rope going above and below my chest.

“In there,” he said as he pushed me into the front room, and made me sit down.  I got a look at him – late teens, t-shirt and jeans, sandy hair.  He looked kinda cute, but given he was tying the rope around my ankles, making it tight as it went around and between my leather covered legs, I let that one pass.

He then secured me legs together below my knees, before he rook a bandana from his back pocket and rolled it into a band.  I opened my mouth and let him tie it as a cleave gag, watching as he went to search the bedrooms.

It was starting to get dark, but there was a standard lamp next to me, and the switch was on a cord that lay across the cushion next to me.  So I sidled over and used it to turn on the red bulb so that there was a warm light in the room.

When the guy came back in, he looked at the red light, and then at me – followed by the door as it was thrown open and two agents came in, dragging him off as a third one untied and ungagged me.

Well, being a princess did have some advantages...
Tina's Trials
I kept coming across pictures of this woman on the net - and then this story came to mind...

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I was a young man when I first discovered where my tastes and preferences in this line of work lay.  Let me lay the basics out before I begin – yeah, I’m a burglar, a home invader, and I do get satisfaction as well as profit out of my visits.  I did my training, learned my skills, and was ready to make my mark – discretely, of course.

Anyway, as I say I was a young man, and I broke in one day on a ground floor flat in the Kensington area.  Entry through the back yard was easy enough, and the person who lived there had left the back door unlocked, which saved me a little effort.  So I got in, walked into the front room – and found the person who lived there, there.

She was middle aged, but tried to hide it with her long father cut blonde hair.  She was wearing a black velvet dress, with a large metal necklace, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.  She looked at me from her seat, put down her magazine, and asked me what I was doing there.

Well, I had no choice but to tell her I was going to rob her, and walked forward in a way designed to convey menace.  Which is what made it a bit of a shock when she smiled and said “Good – I could use some excitement.  I take it you’re going to have to tie me up and keep me quiet?”

I nodded as I drew from my pocket some lengths of cord, but to my growing surprise she smiled and said “all right – you don’t mind if I am comfortable, are you?”

I looked at the chair she was sitting back in – Mahogany, with arm rest and a seat and back upholstered in grey tartan.  Nodding, I waited until she was comfortable, and then tied her wrists tightly down to the arm rests, making sure they were secured there.  I then watched as she crossed her ankles before I tied them tightly together, making sure the rope went between her legs as well, and secured them to one of the front legs.

“Hmmm,” she said as she wriggled round, “you know what you’re doing.  So how are you going to keep me quiet?”

She looked at me, fluttering her eyelids, so I leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips.  I realised she was returning the kiss, and then smiled as she said “not bad – but how can you rob me while you do that?”

So I went to the hallway and found a large headscarf, which I rolled into a band and used as a cleave gag, the woman giggling as she watched me remove her necklace and make that the first item I put in my bag – followed, I promise you, by quite a few other expensive items.

As I left, she said “Fnkkuuyngmmnn” to me, and I turned and smiled.  Somehow, she was enjoying the experience, and that seemed to be making my job a lot easier.  Maybe it was something that had happened to her in the past, and that she had enjoyed – but whatever it was, I was glad it had gone so well.

And I also learned the lesson of the time.  The more mature woman is more likely to have items of value I could take – and I could perhaps give them something to remember me by as well.

Mind you, not all the women I visit can be so – cooperative.  I recall one in particular – this was in Bath, then as now a mixture of students and well off people.  The flat was on the first floor of a townhouse on one of the many curved terraces, and getting in involved a fire escape and the use of a knife.  

Once I was in, I found myself in a high ceilinged room, with regency furniture, and nobody home.  So I made my way through to the bedroom, and started to search for valuables.


I turned suddenly to see a grey haired woman standing there, wearing a brown coat with turned back cuffs on the sleeves, the cuffs and front with a paisley pattern trim.  A fur wrap was round her neck, and she was also wearing a pair of knee length brown leather boots.

Boots which clicked on the wooden floor as she turned and started to run to the telephone – but I was faster, and grabbed her round the waist, covering her mouth with my hand as she tried to scream.

I also had to stifle a scream as she brought her heel down on my foot – so I whispered into her ear that if she didn’t stop struggling, I’d choke her and strip her before I tied her up.

That seemed to get her attention, as she stopped struggling and mumbled – well, I won’t repeat what she said, but it was most unladylike.  I told her to kneel down, still covering her mouth as she did so, and then as soon as I removed my mouth I used the fur wrap round her neck as a crude, but surprisingly effective cleave gag.

She didn’t like it much, but as I pulled her hands behind her back and used some rope to secure them together, she stopped struggling and seemed to accept she was not getting away with this.  I then turned myself round and crossed her ankles before getting off her and standing up as she rolled over, staring at me.

“Stay there,” I said as I went back into the bedroom – and then went back again, picking her up and then dropping her on the bed so that I could keep an eye on her.  I could hear her rolling around, and in fact as I turned round I saw her coat had opened up, revealing the white blouse and brown skirt underneath.

So I walked over and rolled her onto her side, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her wrists, before I removed her gold Rolex and her earrings.  She then tried to scream out as I finished helping myself to her valuables, and then left her to enjoy the taste of fur in her mouth.

Yeah, I have to confess I did get some enjoyment out of that situation – but just how much enjoyment I could get out of it was unknown to me until the day I met a woman I’ll call Purdey.  Purdey because she looked a lot like Joanna Lumley did in The New Avengers – long blonde hair, and one hell of a body.

I met her when I broke into a detached house in Pinner – very large, very inviting.  This was a weekday afternoon, which has a paradoxical approach to it.  On the other hand, it is when you would expect the chances are the greatest the house would be empty.  On the other hand, it is also the time that if you are going to meet someone, it will be an older woman.

Getting in was simplicity itself, with the aid of the universal door opener where PVC is concerned – the heated screwdriver.  It was a nice kitchen I walked into as well – very rustic, complete with the anachronistic Aga stove in a town kitchen.  I smiled as I carried my bag of tools and supplies round the house, and spent a short, yet profitable time in a downstairs office.

From there, I made my way along the hallway and walked into a room – only to find Purdey in there, sitting in a window that looked out onto a treehouse outside.  She was wearing a tight minidress – and by tight, I mean it was barely holding her chest in.  Made of black material with a gold print and white highlights, the skirt just about covered her bottom – and a pair of black suede knee length boots on her legs.

She looked at me, and licked her lips as she said “oh dear – a big bad robber has broken in.  What are you going to do to me?”

I told her if she kept quiet, I wouldn’t hurt her, but her response to that was “well, you’ll need to make sure I can’t raise the alarm.”  She was sitting in a wooden chair with a wooden ring around the legs, and a padded leather seat, but she pushed herself back on that and said “well, come on – tie me to the chair.”

She asked for it – so I walked behind her, putting my bag down and pulling her arms behind the chair.  Crossing her wrists, I took some rope from my bag and secured them tightly together, before I tied them to the chair back.  

“Nice – you’d better make sure I can’t slide forward,” she almost purred, so I took a longer length of rope and tied her waist to the chair back.  She then put her feet up on the ring, and watched as I tied her ankles together, and secured them to one of the crossbeams as well.  I could see she was enjoying this, so I also tied her legs together below her knees, tying the ends of that rope to the top of a chair leg.

I watched as she wriggled round, and her chest managed somehow still to be contained by her dress.  She noticed the way I was looking at her, and said “do you like what you see?”

Well, I nodded in response, as she kept twisting round and said “so what are you going to do about it?”

I reached over and gently caressed her chest, shocked to hear her moan, and then realising I was enjoying how they felt as much as she was enjoying the feel of my hands.  “You... You’d better make sure I cannot raise the alarm,” she gasped as I walked behind her, and then covered her mouth with my hand as I groped her some more.

I then took a handkerchief from my pocket, and pushed it into her mouth before I took a roll of tape from my bag, and tore off three strips, layering them over her mouth to keep it in place.  She then tipped her head back, looking at me over the band of silver, and said “kkpgnnggg.”

Well, as I said, she started it, so I kept massaging her chest, hearing her moans increase as she closed her eyes and slowly nodded.  I swear, tying someone up was stock in trade, as was gagging them – but for them to get pleasure out of it had not occurred to me at that point.

She certainly was however, as she kept groaning, and then sighed as I stripped her rings and watch away, and went to look through the rest of the house.   When I looked in, she was still twisting round, her eyes closed as she seemed to be panting through her nose, so I left her to it and made my exit.

So after that, I really focused on targeting the mature woman, those who had life experience, and if the opportunity was there to make it more pleasurable for them, so be it.  A few months later, I forced my way into a house in Bermondsey, but as I made my way along the corridor I could hear crying from a room.

Opening it, I saw a woman sitting there with long chestnut brown hair, falling over the shoulders of her high necked purple wool jumper.  She was also wearing a long black pleated skirt, and fabric boots – but her head was on her arms, and she was bent over a table.

She must have heard me come in, however, because she turned her head and looked at me, before she said “so you’ve come to take what I value as well?  Go on – it’s just rocks – they don’t mean anything anymore.”

Well, I made her sit up, and as I started to bind her wrists together behind her back she told me her husband of twenty years had just walked out on her, and moved in with his secretary.  Well, it’s an old old story, and certainly not the first time I had heard it, so once I had her wrists secured and started to bind her arms to her side with a longer length, I encouraged her to tell the story.  

As she wriggled round, I started to feel genuinely sorry for her, and told her she had a lot to look forward to without the bastard who had walked out on her.  Once I had the ropes tied off, I made her stand and walked her up to her bedroom.  Sitting her on her bed, I lashed her ankles tightly together, and then folded her skirt back before I tied her legs together.  As I took the rope around and between her legs, I noticed her shifting slightly and then sighing as I pulled the rope tighter.

I then asked if there was anything I could do, and as she squirmed round she looked at me.  Looked at me in a way that said she wanted something badly – but I couldn’t give her that, although I could give her something similar.

Standing her up, I unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor, before I lay her on the bed, and found a clean folded pair of panties.  She nodded as she opened her mouth and allowed me to push them in, before I found some medical tape and covered her lips with a long strip.

She then watched as I eased her panties down, and – well, let’s just say on that occasion, my fingers made her forget the day she had experienced up to that point.  As she eventually collapsed, the sweat stains and other fluids very evident, she watched as I relieved her of her valuables, and then walked out.

Yeah, yeah – the sexual side of all of this is not lost on me, and I have to confess there have been occasions where I have made actual love to one of the women.  Normally, it’s because I felt they wanted it, and if I was wrong, they certainly said nothing about it afterwards.

Well, said is probably too strong a word – after all, they had something stopping them talking as well.  But – look, this one may illustrate what I mean.  I was in Alderley Edge, a very rich part of the country, and had broken into the main house in a training stable when I came across the owner’s wife.

She had collar length black hair, and was wearing a black pinafore style short dress with a white blouse underneath, dark stockings and black over the knee leather boots.  She also had a hell of a voice, as she screamed for help.

So I had to push her down onto a couch and clamp my hand over her mouth, using my free hand to keep her wrists together above her head as I straddled her, and told her to calm down.  Well, she wasn’t going to do that for a while, so she struggled as I sat across her lap, my legs apart, our two bodies rubbing against each other...

Honestly, there was no way with the way she was dressed that natural reaction was not going to take place – and when it did, she could tell it did, and she suddenly stopped wriggling round, looking up at me.  It was a strange look though – almost as if she was surprised rather than shocked.  I took that chance to get off the couch and roll her over, then pull her arms behind her back and used a roll of strong black tape I had in my pocket to bind her wrists together.

I saw the zip that was holding her dress up - and I swear this had never been my initial intent – I reached up and pulled it down, taking the dress down her as well.  Well, she kicked back at that, so I grabbed her ankles, crossed them and then tied them tightly together, as her muffled calls were silenced by the cushion she was facing.

Rolling her over, I realised her blouse had come undone, and fallen either side of her rather ample chest.  She was also looking at me, and opened her mouth to scream again – which was the cue for me to push a folded rag I had available into her mouth, and then make her sit up before I wound the black tape round her head to keep it in place.

I then wrapped the rope round her arms and body, framing her chest as she started to shake, so once I had that secured I told her to calm down.  As I laid her on her back, she saw the bulge in my pants, and then looked at me as if she wanted to see.  

How could I refuse?  I opened my pants up and let them drop, and she nodded, suddenly writhing round and opening her legs up.  I asked if she knew what it was she was wanting, and when she nodded I made her kneel on the floor, pulling her panties and hose down as I reached round and started to play with her chest in my hands, and her neck with my lips.

As she rubbed against me, I made sure I was protected, and then mad her sit with her knees apart before I made sweet, sweet love to her, the woman closing her eyes and moaning.  I got the distinct feeling it had been some time for her, but she gripped me, and soon she was arching her back and screaming into her gag in pleasure.

As I came out and pulled my pants up, I taped her legs together below her knees and left her there, availing myself of her valuables before I left the house.  As I departed, she looked at me and nodded.

So yes, I do have a preference and a target – which brings me to you.  I surprised you when you came home rather early, and made sure you could not raise the alarm, before I secured you.

There you are, in your snakeskin print minidress, your pale and glistening chest now unencumbered of the ornate and jewelled necklace in my bag.  Your arms are secured together behind your back, rope around and between your wrists, and there is a band of rope around your waist as well as two bands framing your chest, rubbing on you where the deep neckline is allowing that peek of your chest as it heaves.

You’re also still wearing your over the knee black fabric boots, but the white rope around your ankles and below your knees means they are not coming off any time soon.  And then there is the strip of nice, sticky white tape covering your mouth, keeping that pair of panties inside.

I know your rings won’t hurt you – I have them as well.  My question is, this wonderful toy I found when looking for your safe – should I let you enjoy it or not?



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Kev Pickering
United Kingdom
Writer of "detective magazine" fiction which I publish with other works at The text boxes you see here contain extracts from some of my stories. Click on the link and look for the category mentioned in the description for the full text. For quick updates to my site, try my blog at

I am always open to story ideas or collaboration requests - :iconrequestsopen: :iconcollabsask:

Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, sixties female
MP3 player of choice: I don't own one
Favourite cartoon character: DangerMouse
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