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"Cavey!!  What are you doing here?"

Dee Dee embraced the small, hirsute man who was standing in the tent, holding a large wooden club in his hands.

"Oogga Booga Cavey need find Dee Dee," he eventually said as he was let free.  "Oogga Booga girls had to be saved from boom."

"What, someone attacked the girls," Dee Dee said as she looked at him.  "What happened - are they all right?"

"Oogga Booga they fine - ate bomb.  Taste like spicy chicken - have same effect too."

Dee Dee had to suppress a laugh as she stroked his head.  "Thanks Cavey - I always know we can depend on you."  He blushed before saying "oogga booga - Dee Dee in danger too.  Taffy say bad man coming for her."

His words made Dee Dee frown.  "Bad men - what..."  Her words were interrupted by the sound of shouting outside, and as she looked out of the tent she saw the smoke bomb exploding, the black plumes enveloping the car.

"Come on, Cavey," she shouted as she ran out.  The small man smiled as he called out "Captain... CAAAVVVEEEMMANNNNN!!" and flew into the air, his club in front of him as he tore through the roof of the tent and took to the sky.

As Dee Dee ran towards the car, the smoke was beginning to clear, and she le tout a sigh of relief as she saw Penny standing there, waving her arms in front of her eyes.

"What the heck was that," she said to Dee Dee as she came over and held Penny in her arms.  "Are you all right?" she said as she looked into her boss' face.

"I'm fine," Penny coughed, "but where's Velma?  She was right here with me!"

Velma was struggling in the grip of the two massively built men as she was carried across the lawn of Pitstop Place, out of sight of everyone else.  She had been pulled out of the smoke, and thick white rope wrapped round her body, almost mummifying her as it pulled her red velvet outfit against her body.  A thick white scarf had been pulled into her mouth, forcing her lips apart as she bit down on it with her teeth.

"Whrrrutkngmm," she called out to the two men.  They were wearing mustard coloured roll necked sweaters with tweed jackets over them, dark trousers and cloth caps, and looked as if they could be identical twins.  Velma was sure she had seen someone like them before, but for the life of her she could not figure out where.  Not that it was important right then - she was been kidnapped, and these two goons were not talking to her, or offering any explanations.

As she tried to look ahead, she saw that she was been carried towards an old wooden building down by the river.  She recognised it from some of the pictures in the house as an old sawmill - a little incongruous in the area, but it was apparently built as a reminder of the early days of the Pitstop fortune.

The two men ran towards the building, the man in front pushing the door to the building open as they said "We got her boss."  They stood Velma up as she stared at the man standing before her, dressed in a double breasted suit with a large fedora over his head and a purple eye mask.

"Welcome, Miss...  You idiots, you grabbed the wrong girl!"

"Mmgnggggg - whhtthppndnddd?"

Daphne slowly opened her eyes and raised her head, the room moving in psychedelic swirls as she tried to focus.  Her head was thumping, and her mouth felt as if it had spent a week licking the side of the La Brea Tar Pits.  As she tried to move her tongue, she slowly realised that it was been held down on the floor of her mouth, something pressing it down as she felt an all too familiar pulling on the skin of her face.

She stared at what she thought was the wall, willing her eyes to focus on it as the patterns slowly settled into a particularly garish red paper.  Looking down, she saw the rough brown rope over her white sleeves, holding her arms firmly down to the wooden armrests of the chair she was sitting in.

"Great," she thought to herself as she tried to flex her arms, "Danger Prone Daphne strikes again!  Wonder who is responsible this time?"  She looked down as she tried to extend her feet, only to realise that whoever had captured her had securely fixed them to the crossbeam of her chair.

"Grrtt...." she grumbled as she looked round the room.  She was sat in the centre, and by the looks of things there was no other furniture.  She also thought she was in the Manor, given the fact she could hear the sounds of people talking outside, but it was not a room she recognised.  That did not bother her so much - it was a big house, after all - but the way she was bound suggested someone had planned this for some time.

Daphne heard a door opening behind her, and she tried to turn her head, screaming "HLPMMMMMM" as loudly as she could.  There was no response, but she could hear heavy footsteps getting closer, and she started to wonder just who it was.

The thick scarf been tied over her eyes was a complete surprise, as was the yank on her skin as whatever was covering her mouth was pulled off and the stuffing removed from her mouth.  A strange metallic voice said "Drink" as she felt a straw been placed against her lips, and As Daphne sucked she was relieved to feel cold, clean water going into her mouth.

"Thank you," she said as the straw was eventually taken away, "who are you and why have you tied me up like this?"

Daphne felt a gloved hand stroking her cheek as the voice answered "You are very precious to me, Miss Blake, and a vital part of my plans.  I regret the inconvenience, but I must ask you to remain where you are for a short while.  Once I have completed my plans, you will be free to go.  The blindfold is to ensure you cannot see me or recognise me."

"Which explains the modified voice," Daphne said out loud, before realising that some of Velma must be rubbing off on her.  "So what is this?  Kidnapping?  Robbery?  Old Man Johnson break loose again?"

"Very funny, Miss Blake," the voice replied, "but I regret I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm for a while.  I will return shortly."

"Hey hang on you cnammmggmfmdmdg," Daphne called out a she felt a thick cloth been pulled into her mouth, and secured around her mouth.  She listened to the sound of the footsteps retreating, before starting to thrash her head around.

"Did you hear anybody, Penny?"

Penny looked at Dee Dee and slowly shook her head.  "No - nobody.  The smoke was too thick, and when it cleared the first thing I saw was you - and what in heaven's name is that?"

She looked into the sky to see a small, hairy figure plummet downwards, hitting the ground in front of her with tremendous force.  "Oh, Cavey!" Dee Dee said as she stepped forward and helped the figure to stand up.

"Oogga Booga power failure," he grunted as he looked up at the pink clad woman in front of you.  "Hello pretty lady - me Captain Caveman."

"He's funny," Penny said as he lifted the club in his hand up, the top opening to allow a little bird to jump out with a bouquet of flowers.  "Oogga booga for you," he said with a small smile.

"Cavey, we need your help," Dee Dee said.  "A friend of ours has gone missing - she's about five foot eight, red hair, and wearing an old red velvet dress.  Can you take to the sky and see if you can find her?"

"Oogga Booga sure thing," he grunted.  "You'd better step back," Dee Dee said as she took Penny's arm, while the man called out "Captain... CCAAAAVVEEMMAAANNNNN" and swung his club into the air, his body following soon after.

"I've heard you talk about him, but to see him face to face..."

"Once seen never forgotten," Dee Dee said as she saw Peter come out of the house.  "Hey - what's going on out here?"

"Oh, smoke bombs, disappearing friends, just the usual stuff - why, what's happened to you?"

"Well, I seem to have misplaced Daphne - she's not the one who is missing is she?"

Penny and Dee Dee stared at Peter, as he looked at them and said "What?"

"Thdddcceeee?"  Velma's eyes widened as she saw the bespectacled man in front of her.

"I see my reputation precedes me," he laughed as the two brutes held Velma in front of him.  "You are obviously not the delightful Miss Pitstop, but I see no need to waste the most brilliant trap I had prepared for her.  Tie her to the log, boys!"

"Nnnnnnnnn," Velma screamed as the two men picked her up as if she was a duster, and laid her on a large wooden log that sat on the conveyor belt.  As more rope was used to tie her firmly onto the rough wood, she turned her head and looked at the master criminal as he rubbed his hands and cackled.

"I regret this, I truly do, but you cannot be allowed to let the delightful Miss Pitstop know that I am here yet.  Observe, if you will, the large grain of sack that is suspended from the ceiling.  As you will see, it is hanging above a large bowl, which is standing next to the conveyor belt.

"In a moment, I will make a hole in the bottom of the sack, which will cause the grain to fall.  That will attract the attention of the twenty starving gerbils which you see in the cage next to you.  When they see the grain, they will run through the open door of the cage and unto the treadmill, in a mad attempt to get to the food, although the leashes will prevent that.

"Their running will provide the power to run this dynamo, which will in turn apply pressure to the switch on the wall by means of the ingenious lever arrangement.  When that switch is pressed, it will start both the blade to spin and the conveyor belt you are on to move, sending you to an appointment with the mother of all splitting headaches.  MMWMWWWWAAHAHAAAAAAA!"

As he was giving this explanation, Velma was following his line of sight, and had come to an eminently sensible conclusion which she wished to share with him.


"So kind of you to say so, my dear," the masked man said as he plunged a knife into the sack, and a slow trickle of grain began to fall into the bowl.  "Enjoy the sight of your life ticking away," he said with a bow.  "Come on boys - we need to prepare a new trap and find the real Miss Pitstop."

The three men left the building, as Velma watched the ravenous rodents start to run towards the falling grain, and the conveyor belt start to turn...

As Daphne struggle din the chair, she stifled a gasp of excitement as she felt her wrists slipping under the rope on her left arm.  She calmed herself down, and started to rub her arm to and fro, loosening with each pass the ropes that held her arm firmly in place.  How long she did this for she was not sure, but eventually she managed to get her arm loose and shook it to her side, before she pulled the scarf off her eyes and blinked at the person she saw before her.
Classic Perils!! Damsels in Distress!! Overcomplicated Plots and Startegems!! Special Guest Star!!

And who is that at the end?
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Scoobyfan1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Looks like Velma gets to experience what Daphne's experienced oh so many times before, mainly being a damsel in distress; guess for Velma though it's not something she would like to experience often.
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Another exllcent chapter here gald cavey manged to rescue the other angels and nothing like a classic log peril I bet Velma thinking not again
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Velma may have other thoughts on her mind...
Torpedo585 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cavey rocks! No pun intended ;)
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
None taken - and yes, he has stones
Torpedo585 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
bugssonicx Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
if it's not overly complicated... it's not the Hooded Claw. Can't wait for what's next. Scooby, maybe?
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
How true...
David-presents Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The cartoon capers continue! I thought the cartoony elements worked quite well in this chapter.
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
Glad you enjoyed it!
Golavus Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
Wahey for Captain Caveman cameo. And Daphne manages to actually get herself loose? Madness I tell thee
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
She's had enough experience to practice - or her captor wasn't sufficiently careful...
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