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"Indeed - you have a request in here for a general mechanic, I see.  I would have thought you would like at least one other man in the vicinity."

"Actually, there will be two - Gerald will be joining me, as well as a head of security I will be appointing.  For the other staff..."

"Quite so - my apologies, Derek."

"Have you got that wiring finished yet?"

"Just about, boss," Caroline called up from the lower floor, before walking into the bare room and climbing the step ladder one more time.  She had her tool belt slung low around her waist, over the cut off denim shorts she habitually wore to a job.  Her red denim blouse had the sleeves rolled up, and her white socks stuck out from the top of her Derry boots.

Reaching for a screwdriver from her belt, Caroline stretched up and started to attach the wiring to the lamp shade that had been loosely screwed into place,   It took her a few moments to complete the connections, before she fixed the fitting firmly into place and climbed back down, walking to the switch at the wall and flipping it down.

The illumination made her smile, before she flipped the switch back down and unbuckled the belt from her waist.  "All done here, boss," she called out of the doorway, but when there was no reply it did not bother her too much - after all, she was the senior electrician at the site, and had training in a lot of other areas apart from wiring.

So when she heard a voice behind her say "Nice work - what else are you capable of doing," she said almost automatically "Most electrical and mechanical things - why?"

"Excellent - then you're just what we're looking for.  We have a job offer you just will not be able to refuse."

"I'm quite happy where I am, thank yoooooooph," Caroline said as she found herself been pushed onto the floor, landing on her stomach as he hands were pulled behind her back and she felt rope been tied tightly around her wrists.

"What the hell are you doing," she screamed as she felt more rope been pulled around her arms, and someone else pulling her boots off before her feet were drawn tightly together.

"Just shut the hell up," the voice she had heard earlier repeated as she grunted at the tightness of the ropes, "and you'll get along just fine, Caroline.  We're going to take a little trip, and then you will discover a whole new job and life for yourself."

"But I ... Fuck, that hurts - but I don't want to go anywhere.  What about my boyfriend, my friends..."

"They will find a letter from you in your emptied flat," the voice said as Caroline was forced onto her knees, and she saw white rope pass over her head before she felt her arms been pulled firmly into her side, "saying you just need a complete break, and you'll be in touch when you're ready.  After all, it's not the first time you've done that, is it Christina?"

Caroline's eyes shot open at the mention of that name - it was one she had left behind when she was sixteen, and had run away from a very aggressive and threatening situation at home.  "How the..." she grunted as the ropes went under her arm to tighten the coils around her chest still further, "How the hell do you know about that?"

"Spoilers," the voice said as Caroline felt her feet been pulled back, and the tension as they were held in place.  Behind her, the masked man was using a rope to attach her bound ankles to the ropes around her waist.

"Right," the voice said as Caroline saw a gloved hand holding a large rag in front of her, "Time to be quiet - open up, Christina..."

George looked at the last sheet of paper.  "I was wondering if these would be required as well," he said as he smiled at Derek.  "These I am sure we will be able to supply to you..."

"Rough day," Janine said as she watched Annette walk into the kitchen, leaving her laptop bag on the table as she ran her hands through her blonde hair.

"You have no idea," she said as she but her arms round Janine's waist and rested her chin on her shoulder.  "That smells good, what is it?"

"Spaghetti Marinara," Janine said as she rested her head on Annette's.  "Why don't you go and get changed - it'll be ready in a few minutes."

"All right," Annette said as she turned Janine round, placing her lisp tenderly on her partner's mouth.  "I'll be back in a few minutes."  She left the kitchen and walked to the bedroom, taking off her peach jacket as she did so before unzipping and letting the matching skirt drop to the floor.

Reaching down to pick it up, she opened the closet door and took out a hanger, placing both garments on it before she took off her camisole top.  Closing the door, she looked at herself in the mirror, in her peach coloured bra and slip.

That was when she noticed the masked man standing behind her, seconds before a gloved hand was placed over her mouth...

Janine placed the two plates of steaming pasta on the table, before taking the Alice band out of her dark hair and running her own fingers through it.  It had been a slightly better day for her at the legal office she worked in, but not much so.  She unbuttoned the top buttons on her black silk blouse before calling out "Dinner's ready."

"Excellent," she heard a male voice say, "I'm starving."  She did not recognise it, but as she slowly turned round she saw a man standing there, dressed in blue overalls with a stocking pulled over his head, smiling a she pointed a gun in her direction.

"Don't stop," he said calmly, "finish taking your blouse off.  Your partner is talking to a friend of mine just now, and will join us shortly."

Slowly, Janine reached up and unfastened the buttons, pulling the blouse out of her red knee leather skirt and holding it in her hand.

"Let it fall to the floor," the intruder said quietly, "and then take your skirt off."

"What do you want," Janine whispered as she pulled the zip down and stepped out of the skirt as it fell down, "If you want money, we have it."

"Come here," the man said as he motioned with his hand, "and turn round."  Janine walked over, as she watched Annette been pushed into the room by a similarly garbed man, her wrists pinned behind her back.

"What's going on, Janine," Annette said as her partner stopped in front of the first man, turning round as the blonde was forced to sit on the settee.

"I don't know," Janine replied as she felt her wrist been crossed behind her, and then the rope biting into her bare skin, "You don't think..."

The second man looked at her, in her grey bra and knee length slip, before saying "We're not interested in either of you - at least not in that way."  As he said this, he took a strip of cloth from his pocket and looked at Annette.  "Please," he said quietly, "open your mouth so that I can gag you."

"It'll be all right," Janine said as Annette looked over at her, "Let's get this over with so that they can take what they want and leave us alone.

"Very sensible," the man behind her said as he gave one last tug on her wrists and took a similar length of cloth out of his pocket.  "You open wide as well, and then we'll tell you what's going to happen."

"All righmmmm," Janine said as the cloth was pulled between her teeth, forcing her tongue down as she closed her red lips over the band of material.  Taking her by the arm, he guided her over to the settee, sitting her next to Annette as the other man sat at the table.

"Well, ladies," he said as he poured two glasses of wine, "First my friend and I would like to thank you for cooking some dinner for us."

"Urwelcmubstrd," Annette grumbled as Janine put her head on her shoulder.

"Once we've eaten this beautiful looking meal, then we're going to take you on a little trip - I think you're going to like it.  Someone will be by later for your stuff...."

The door opened as Annette and Janine looked up from their position on the floor, their legs under them as they mewled through their gags.

"Oh yes," Derek said with a smile, "They will be perfect as my new maids."

"Excellent," George said as he closed the door.  "We will deliver the complete contingent within the week.  It's a pleasure doing business with you, Derek."

"Always a pleasure, George," Derek replied as they shook hands.

One month later.

Delia blinked as the hood was pulled off her head, the bright sunshine making her eyes hurt after the long journey in darkness.  Looking round the room, she found herself in the company of seven other women, all dressed in white short sleeved dresses, white tights and flat shoes, with their arms pinned behind their backs as they sat in the wicker chairs.

There were two men there, both casually dressed in shorts and open necked shirts, but obviously in charge - the gun belts around their waists testified to that.  One of them walked over to Delia and stood behind her, fastening some sort of choker around her neck before he removed the band of white tape that was covering her mouth.

"Where am I?" she said as she worked her lips, watching as one by one each of the women had a black velvet collar attached round their necks, and the tape gag removed to a general rising call of questions.

"Enough, ladies," a smooth cultured voice said, and they turned to see a tall, thin, Grey haired man walk in, the pleats on his trouser legs impeccably pressed and his shirt open at the neck.  "You are here to serve me - that is the all of the answer.  Your duties will be explained in due course, one by one, by me."

"But where are we," Caroline said as she tried to twist her arms free.

"Your new home," the man replied before turning.  "Start with the cook," he said as one of the two other men came and started to untie Delia's wrists, "I need some dinner at some point..."
and here is the third and final partof :iconachast:'s request
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Analyst-of-Shadows Featured By Owner Edited Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Great story.

Unfortunately this one like most of your Objects of Beauty stories ends with a: To be continued.

Could you write a longer epilogue? so that we can get at least a glimpse at what happens after OoB have done their part.

I've also been wondering if they use mind control of some kind, you seem to hint at that.

Again great story, only the ending leaves something to be wanted.
KP-Presents Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Hmmm  - the thing about OoB is they are the vendor, what happens after that, as they say is another story.

Still, you never know..
gagthegirl46 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Brilliant.Loved this!
Achast Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
Thank you so very much! I love how the story turned out!
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